Ryan Murphy Drops Major Glee Spoilers – Read Them Here!

Ryan Murphy Drops Major Glee Spoilers - Read Them Here!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love Twitter! It’s not only a great way for direct correspondence from your favorite celebs, but provides a great space for errors in judgment. Fortunately, once posted on the internet, it lasts for eternity! Ryan Murphy, who created Glee and may very well be the most on-point man in television currently, has been all over Twitter, sharing Glee spoilers!

Glee has been on winter hiatus since before Christmas–I’m not one to hate the holidays, but they mess with my shows, which I find totally unacceptable!–and it finally resumes this Thursday. We’ve heard that Rachel and Kurt will be getting more screen time this year, and cannot wait! Since Kurt and Blaine have reunited, we’re dying to know where their relationship goes, and Murphy has the answers!

He shared a video of the script, which read, “Will smiles, leaves. Finn’s fire to find Emma rages hotter –” and “Ext. New York City Rooftop — Night Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper lanterns, as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches, singing ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rouge. Kurt seems torn… KURT: Never knew I could feel like this”

That is a lot of information for one 18 second video! Right now, we have no idea what could possibly be going on between Finn and Emma, the guidance counselor. What is Will smiling about while Finn is raging? And why would he leave when Finn’s raging was directly related to his fiance?

The most exciting piece is the Blaine/Kurt scene. Last we saw, the two were back on, but tentatively. Remember, Kurt is still deeply hurt by Blaine’s affair, and so they’ve a lot of trust to rebuild. Are you stoked for the return of Glee in less than two day’s time? Which characters are you most concerned with?

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  2. Steph says

    Kurt…. I love Kurt and I watch Glee for this character.

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