Selena Gomez Is Hooking Up With Luke Bracey – Is He A Better Fit For Her?

Selena Gomez Is Hooking Up With Luke Bracey - Is He A Better Fit For Her?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are as over as 2012. Their romance is kaput. Time to move on – and that’s just what Gomez is doing. According to latest reports, it looks like La Gomez is moving on with Australian actor Luke Bracey (cute surname). US Weekly reports that the Golden Globes after party not only saw Gomez allegedly hook up with The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, but also this Australian newcomer.

They were allegedly “holding hands” and being as cutesy pie as sweet key lime pie together. She was overheard saying to Bracey, “[The New Year’s trip to Mexico with Bieber] was awful. We were fighting.” The two met on the set of Monte Carlo in 2011 and have remained friends – and possibly more – ever since. After Selena’s horrid trip with Bieber, she flew home to Los Angeles – alone – and finally broke up with Bieber. Many have speculated as to what the reason was behind it and have blamed his inconsiderate attitude towards Gomez, his constant talking to fans on Twitter, and his relentless pot smoking. It’s not his year, but it seems that it is Gomez’s.

Gomez seems to be taking the break up really well. She’s been out partying with friends ever since her relationship ended with the world’s biggest music star. He, on the other hand, has been begging Gomez to take him back, but unfortunately, after three strikes, he’s out. There’s no chance on this green earth that Gomez will ever set foot in the Bieber cave – ever again.

What do you think Celeb Teen Laundry readers? Do you think she should get back with Bieber? Do you think she’s a better fit with Bracey? We do! Let us know your valuable and insightful thoughts in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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