Taylor Swift Has Written Five Songs About Harry Styles

Taylor Swift Has Written Five Songs About Harry Styles

Poor Taylor Swift and her ex-beau, One Direction’s Harry Styles, recently broke up in the very public eye and although they’re still nursing their wounds post-break, Taylor has already written quite a few songs about her breakup. According to a source, Taylor has already written five (count it – five) songs about Styles.

The two dated for a very short time – a couple of months – but looking at Taylor’s break-up “temporary insanity”, one is clearly able to see that these two really felt something for one another. There’s no time limit when it comes to relationships – especially in Hollywood. In fact, no one is able to place any time limit on a romantic endeavor. Some people court, date, and get married within a month, while others court, date, and get married in a much, much longer time period. No one has any right to judge these two on their post-break emotions.

Venting. Over.

According to the source, “Lyrics have been written, but Taylor hasn’t come close to deciding whether she’ll ever release them. A song about it will surface at some point, but it won’t be anything like the way she had a dig at her other ex, John Mayer, in one of her tracks.”

We all have to go through heart break every now and then, but hopefully both Taylor and Harry are able to move on from this and see it as a lesson learned. It’s sad to see our favorite new Hollywood couple fall apart so quickly, but such is life! Hopefully they’ll be able to sort out their trials and tribulations and remain friends.

What do you think Celeb Teen Laundry readers? Do you think these two will eventually reconcile? Do you think they’ll remain friends? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Steve Tompkins says

    OK ooOK!! We have had enough of her making her sexual relations public news and scandals to American children & us all in the United States. While she continues to prostitute her body from one man to the next lover man without marriage or any children like she declare d in 2006 (her virginity promise to all fans) She makes 50 million per stupid song while look at it this way. She had to put out to that guy she writes about. That makes 250 songs she profits from just like a prostitute on broadway. Her vagina is as big as a guitar hole. If you put guitar strings across her vagina it has cave reverbance Acoustic echo. She has no thoughts about AIDS or HIV.

  2. steve says

    I think we need to classify that sex at a rate of 5 or more is considered trash & prostitution. Especially when they profit $millions of dollars$ from their sexual fairy tales. Also when they promise to stay virgin until marriage to 30 million fans(big let down for Swift) what about those poor children or teens who still remember those nice promises from a fake “good girl” turned trash by all the sins of sex,drugs& scandals. Oh yeah and greed $$$$money$$$. I think we can’t take no more breakup songs from a misfit who thinks dating 50 men or 250 for song material is the way to go.

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  4. stevetompkins says

    Did it just say Taylor Swift wrote 5 songs about Harry bone? ha ha ha ha slut

  5. cbuis430 says

    Who says she has slept with any or all of these men? Maybe some of them leaving was due to her not putting out? Actually, I believe that was originally reported as the reason these two broke up.. If she has slept with one or two of them or however many (I personally don’t believe she bedded all of them) it’s her life and she’s no worse than the masses of idols/role models today’s kids look up to. I do know one thing, as with all of us, no matter the quirks, insecurities, baggage or what have you one day she will find one that is meant for her and haters will still be hating.

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