Taylor Swift’s Dad Threatens Harry Styles: Do Not Break Her Heart!

Taylor Swift's Dad Threatens Harry Styles: Do Not Break Her Heart!

I guess Taylor Swift‘s relationship with Harry Styles is starting to resemble nearly every other relationship she has had before. She is tripping over herself, crazy in love with Harry, and is already gushing about the possibility of marrying her boyfriend of one month! I find it kind of funny how in spite of really getting around, Taylor still has this notion that every relationship is THE one. Every guy she dates is her serious soul mate. It’s never just fun and this girl clearly never learns her lesson, otherwise she would take her time. Isn’t the definition of insanity making the same exact mistake over and over but expecting a different result? Yeah, anyway.

Scott Kingsley Swift (Taylor’s dad) has decided to throw his hat into the ring and get involved in his daughter’s new relationship. He sat Harry down for a chat and asked him to slow down. He doesn’t want them splitting as fast as they hooked up, leaving Taylor devastated, as usual. It’s about time her dad had a chat with any guy that Taylor is seeing. From

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