Taylor Swift’s Egotistical Comment Chased Harry Styles Away

Taylor Swift's Egotistical Comment Chased Harry Styles Away

I have to admit, I’ve never quite understood how Taylor Swift is always dubbed America’s Sweetheart. I mean, the girl gets AROUND around, if you know what I mean. If you upset her she’ll vilify you in her next song and those closest to whomever she is dating, never, ever like her. These things do not add up to being a sweetheart in my book, but whatever. We already know that Taylor and Harry Styles split in the British Virgin Islands last week and now a bit more info is beginning to leak out.

Apparently during the couples epic blowout Taylor actually informed Harry that he was lucky to even be with her! Oh boy. I’m sure the millions of One Direction fans out there will not only disagree but be over the moon that Harry had the good sense to drop this chick. What part of it made him so lucky? The way she parading him out in public or was it how she was talking marriage and babies after just a few weeks? Was it the way all of his 1D band mates hated her because they weren’t so smitten that their judgment was skewed?

I think Harry is luckier to be partying on Necker island without Taylor. He’s 18 years old and doesn’t need to be shackled to any clingy woman at this point in his life. Perhaps when Taylor mouthed that comment it was in a fit of rage but she will take a world of heat for it. Maybe it’s Taylor’s ego that has helped to make her such a loser at love. Perhaps her next song shouldn’t be about what an idiot her last boyfriend was, but instead it should take a closer look at why a decent relationship is just not in the cards for her!  Did taylor go to far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Ali says

    I would think her serial dating and post-breakup songs would be enough to drive someone away.

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