Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers HERE!

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers HERE!

My absolutely favorite show Teen Wolf is set to premiere its third season summer of 2013.  The spoilers have been coming in and we are so excited.  Do you watch Teen Wolf?  Are you in love with the show like I am?

So on to the spoilers..Apparently there are a couple of new women being introduced this season.  But don’t get excited it does not look like Scott will be getting one as a love interest.  Tyler Posey told Eonline, “So far they just want to kill me! So far no new potential love interests. Not yet.”

hm wonder what he means but, “not yet?”  But, sounds good to me I would love Scott and Alison to get together.  Rumor has it Alison is getting a new love interest, but no word yet on if it is someone we know.  When I heard that I thought maybe Boyd.  Who would you prefer Alison with Boyd or Scott?

I cannot wait for the new season and remember this season MTV has ordered 24 episodes so lots more of our favorite characters.

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