Khloe Kardashian Fired From The X Factor USA

Khloe Kardashian Fired From The X Factor USA

Khloe Kardashian will be relying on E! to write the pay checks after learning she has been fired from X Factor… and this time it’s official. The 28-year old has been rumored to be facing the axe for weeks, but nothing was made official until today; sources say that producers were less than impressed with Khloe’s struggle to just loosen up and be herself as she messed up several of her lines on the teleprompter.

The official announcement which was made this morning states that Kardashian will not return to the show, but FOX adds that they wish nothing but the best for the reality star in whatever she pursues in her career from here on out. Meanwhile, co-host Mario Lopez has been confirmed to be the ONLY host for the talent show’s third season, seeing that he did a pretty good job… until Khloe had to come and ruin it with her awkwardness on stage. LOLz!

As sad as it sounds, Khloe must have known for a while that she wasn’t going to be asked back since producers had made phone calls to the people they had wanted back a month ago. Demi Lovato was confirmed to be returning to X Factor back in March along with Simon Cowell — Ne-Yo is said to be signing his very own deal in weeks to come to replace LA Reid’s position on the show for its third season.

Britney Spears was fired a month after the show wrapped back in December so a replacement for her is also being searched for,- no word on who is in the running yet. X Factor producers have one last chance to prove to FOX that the show is worth bringing back for another season — the contract runs out after this season so if the ratings continue to be poor, there’s no point in even considering having it back for a fourth season.

Well, if you ask us… Ne-Yo is a bad idea, firing Khloe is also a bad idea because as much as we hate the Kardashians… we love to watch people mess up their lines on stage and embarrass themselves! Mario is just too perfect for us to even tune in anymore. Awww man!! Haha.

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