Selena Gomez’s Sheds Her Good Girl Image In Performance Of “Come & Get It” (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez's Sheds Her Good Girl Image In Performance Of "Come & Get It" (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez shed her good-girl image to the side as she took to the stage at last night’s MTV Movie Awards to perform her hot new track, Come & Get It. The 20-year old wasn’t afraid to take risks with her dance routine either whilst wearing a red Bollywood-inspired dress that very much matched the choreography.

Gomez was also present at the Movie Awards to promote the movie she happens to be starring in called Spring Breakers, which has critiqued to have been a “brave” move for her to have done. It’s pretty obvious that Selena no longer wants to be known as just the Disney Channel girl, she wants to be a woman yet also still attract to her fan base, and she’s definitely succeeding.The song, which is already receiving heavy radio airplay, happens to be the lead single of the singer’s forthcoming album – later out this year. Mid 2013 marks a busy year for Selena who will be on a 56-city tour as she continues to promote the record she’s gearing up to release. She’s even heading out to Europe for the first time to tour in several different countries.

On the move to do a world tour, Selena says: “I couldn’t be more excited to tour again but this time around the world. This has been such an interesting few months.” We wonder what ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is doing as he sees his ex slay every single dance move she did during her performance last night. He’s definitely lost something very, very special. That’s for sure!

  1. lyndaloo says

    All these young stars coming into their sexuality feeling they absolutely HAVE to act like ho’s & pole dancers. I suppose they are just following their mentor Beyonce’s dance steps & actions.. WHY on earth do they ALL think they have to put it all out there for the world to see? Could it be our liberal sicko society encouraging everyone’s sexuality in the open – no matter WHAT? What is wrong with having some dignity and modesty? NOTHING that’s what!

    1. karenl says

      Lyndaloo, you are absolutely right!

  2. joblo says

    Nothing wrong with being sexy, either. If you don’t want to be, then don’t.

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  4. nellie vela says

    I heard SALENA has a very serious illness LUPUS I hope she takes care of her self this illness is deadly it is nothing to ignore good luck be serious

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