Justin Bieber Breaks the Law Again!

Justin Bieber And His Crew Stop For Junk Food

Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson decided to take matters into his own hands on Monday night when he encountered a possibly stoned Justin Bieber speeding. The two were in a gated Calabasa community and Keyshawn was leaving a party with his child in the car when Justin blew past him nearly causing an accident. According to TMZ, Keyshawn dropped his child off and then chased after Biebs to confront him about his reckless behavior.

Apparently the 19-year old train wreck was traveling at a high rate of speed in an area filled with families and kids- meaning he easily could have killed someone and Keyshawn was ready to call him on it. He drove to Biebs pad and rather than go all fake gangsta crazy on Keyshawn, Justin instead ran in the house with his tail between his legs.

The police reportedly received many calls about Justin’s erratic behavior and many of those callers claimed he appeared to be under the influence of something. Of course, he got away with it. Isn’t it something how Justin has become one of those celebs that breaks the law all the time but is never made to be held accountable? This clown must feel bulletproof by now because no matter what he does or how badly he acts he always escapes it unscathed. How long before Justin’s luck runs out? He has to get busted for something sooner or later, right?  Do you think it’ll be speeding though or a crime that is a whole lot more serious. I’d say I see him ending up like Lindsay Lohan but I honestly don’t think he’ll be around that long if he keeps living like he is. Tell us your thoughts on Biebs in the comments below!

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