Justin Bieber Banned From Indoor Skydiving

Justin Bieber Banned From Indoor Skydiving

Justin Bieber’s reputation continues to slump as he’s now disrespecting staff members and fails to make payments for attractions he goes to. Over the weekend, the 19-year old singer and a bunch of his friends headed over to Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas, but what was supposed to have been an eventful night ended up in a mess… literally.

The staff workers over at the Indoor Skydiving have confirmed they are banning Justin from ever entering the building again due to his disrespectful behavior towards the co-workers, his friends’ filthiness in the bathrooms that left the entire place dirty AND refusing to pay when he was about to leave the place.

According to E! Online, the 19-year old douchebag was made an offer by the workers stating that he could either pay $1,600 in cash to cover all the expenses for the entire group, or he could simply snap a picture of himself during the Skydiving event and post it on Instagram to help advertise the company, which was what Justin settled for. He agreed to take a pic of himself instead of paying in cash.Bieber then allegedly acted like he had taken a photo and was uploading it to Instagram, when really, he was just pretending. The singer then told the staff the photo had been put on his Instagram page, before he was allowed to leave with his entourage. It took the team over at the Skydiving facility a few minutes before realizing they had just been scammed as they checked Justin’s Instagram page where no picture of him at the attraction could be found.

He has now been issued a ban for the rest of his life; the most disgusting part was that his friends don’t even know how to use the toilet properly – there was mess everywhere, while the security guard that was protecting Justin was purposely throwing toilet paper on the floor while employees watched him. What kind of sickening act is that?!

Justin is clearly just asking for fans to stop buying his music and his career to flop. We’ve already bailed on this guy; he’s an idiot who has no respect and believes he’s better than everyone else. Reality check: You’re far from it!

  1. Ali says

    Celebs who refuse to pay when they clearly have the money, annoy me. He is a clown!

  2. Jocelyn says

    He needs an image makeover…

  3. jody says

    love those chains Justin!

  4. Chris says

    Why, no idiots aloud.

  5. Robyn Good says

    Hey gets to be a bigger loser, day by day…..

  6. Pamela says

    Why does he dress like a rapper exactly? Everything he does is ridiculous.

  7. Dawn says

    Shame, shame on the Biebs!

  8. BusyBee says

    Unfortunately this will just make some of his fans like him more. ug

  9. DD says

    Poor guy. He is definitely on the downward spiral.

  10. maurice says

    he’s such a bad role model. i hate him

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