Marilyn Manson Dedicates Song to Paris Jackson

Marilyn Manson Dedicates Song to Paris Jackson

A few days after Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt there is a lot of information coming out about the troubled young stars’ state of mind. Apparently she was gut level upset over a multitude of things. She has been getting closer with biological mom, Debbie Rowe in recent months and while the Jackson’s seemed supportive of the growing relationship originally, it seems like some issues hit the fan last week.  Paris is also stressed about the ongoing wrongful death trial of her father, Michael Jackson. She is named as a plantiff and has already been deposed twice.

According to family members, being told that she wasn’t allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back for Paris. She swallowed a load of pills and slit her wrists with a kitchen knife after losing the concert battle. The irony wasn’t lost on Manson, who dedicated the song Disposable Teens to Paris at his concert in L.A. Last night.

Some of the lyrics to the Manson song include,  “And I’m a black rainbow … And I’m an ape of god … I’ve got a face that’s made for violence upon … And I’m a teen distortion … Survived abortion … A rebel from the waist down. You say you wanted evolution … The ape was a great big hit …You say you want a revolution, man … And I say that you’re full of sh*t.”

No doubt Paris connects with Manson’s music and probably has found comfort in the lyrics which seem to echo some of what she has been feeling. Do you think Paris will get the help that she needs and be okay or is this the beginning of a life-long struggle with depression for her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. jody says

    manson is an idiot and famwhore – paris jackson needs a song named after her like she needs a shaper meat clever

  2. Pamela says

    It was a nice thought to do that, I’m sure it might cheer her up a bit.

  3. BusyBee says

    This is the most press he’s had since he was hooking up with his last teenage girl friend.

  4. Allie says

    LOL @Jody!

  5. laurie soloman says

    I can see the media and the Internet are doing to Michael’s children the same thing they did to him. Focus on the negative and scandalous stuff – like her supposed “suicide attempt”. Why don’t they focus on the fact that she is a beautiful, smart and very sweet girl who loved her father very much.

    I am sick of the media. They helped kill her father. Now they can try to kill the kids.

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