New Information Slowly Coming Out About Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt

New Information Slowly Coming Out About Paris Jackson's Suicide Attempt

Being a 15-year old girl is never easy so I can only imagine how difficult it is to be the child of a celebrity. We told you yesterday about Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt early Wednesday morning and now some details are beginning to seep out. This poor kid has been under a ridiculous amount of stress in recent months. The Jackson family is suing AEG Live in connection with Michael Jackson’s death. They believe that AEG is responsible for hiring Conrad Murray and therefore should be on the hook for wrongful death charges since Murray administered that fatal does of Propofol nearly 4 years ago. Paris is named as a co-plantiff in the suit and has been more than a little fearful of having to testify. Until now she has been very protected when it comes to facts about her father. By being in that courtroom she will likely hear new details that she would rather not know.

According to the family Paris has also had an extremely hard time fitting in at school. She is very creative and that causes her not to fit in with a lot of the kids.  She alluded to the fact in a recent interview that she has experienced a lot of bullying but family members say that it had become nearly unbearable for the teen in recent weeks. That in itself may have caused her to slit her wrists early Wednesday morning. We’ve also learned that Paris has been severely depressed and treated for this in the time since her fathers death.

According to E! Paris is now fine physically and getting the mental help that she clearly needs. The Jackson family is also pulling together for a change in order to support and help Michael’s only daughter. Were you surprised to hear of this sad situation with Paris? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. jody says

    paris jackson suicide attempt! Who expected that?

  2. Robyn Good says

    So sad as more and more news comes out, I sure hope she can get the help she needs!

  3. maurice says

    paris jackson needs help – i feel so bad for her.
    her mother is the only one who can save her!

  4. cathy says

    Very stressful life she has had so far, I hope she finds peace!!

  5. Allie says

    I feel so sorry for her

  6. Pamela says

    So sad, teenage bullies can be especially cruel!

  7. DD says

    This poor girl!

  8. BusyBee says

    Living in that family, with all those leaches it’s no surprise she has issues.

  9. Chris says

    Stupid is as stupid does; all that for a concert, dumb.

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