Taylor Lautner Sizzles In Bench Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

Taylor Lautner Sizzles In Bench Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

While Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson entertain the media with their crazy love life, Taylor Lautner is keeping his mind focused on business opportunities, such as his latest move to sign up and become the face of Bench.

Yup, the company took to their Instagram page to make it official, they had a new partnership with Taylor to present their brand and their clothes, and their decision couldn’t have been any better. With three movies currently in the works and a loyal Twi-hard fan base, you can never go wrong with hiring a nice guy like Lautner himself.

The 21-year old can now be seen all over your local malls at the nearest Bench stores as he poses in the latest clothes that Bench are selling to their market. We never knew Taylor was good at modeling, but the video below certainly proves he can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to do; remember when he was forced to get ripped for New Moon? He accomplished that within months.

Liam Hemsworth will step down from his modeling duties from the company as he focuses more on his role as the ambassador. Oh, and maybe this will give him some time to also focus on his troubled relationship with Miley Cyrus. Haha, we kid, we kid.

What do you make of Taylor’s decision to become the face of Bench? He’s doing a lot of things for himself right now, while his best friends, Rob and Kristen, continue to bicker and argue over where they stand in their relationship. This is why it’s good to be single when you’re a 21-year old; you get to focus on your career and keep all the money to yourself.

  1. Robyn Good says

    He is far hotter than Robert Pattinson ever was… cannot act, but he is hot!!

  2. Pamela says

    He is so much hotter than Rob, this looks great!

  3. DD says

    Yeah he is not a great actor at all.

  4. Ali says

    Looks like Taylor’s in really good shape- he still doesn’t do anything for me though.

  5. Allie says

    Sizzle is such a strong word, lol

  6. BusyBee says

    He is really cute. Super cute. If I was a teen, I’d find him more than cute lol

  7. maurice says

    wow, he sure knows how to keep his body in shape

  8. Chris says

    Who the heck names their clothing line Bench?

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