Amanda Bynes Soaked Her Dog In Gasoline While Lighting Up Driveway

Amanda Bynes Soaked Her Dog In Gasoline While Lighting Up Driveway

It seems that Amanda Bynes did have a moment of clarity shortly after taking a red gas can and setting a random driveway on fire. She realized that while starting the fire she accidentally had covered her prized pooch in gasoline and quickly ran to a nearby liquor store to try and clean the dog off. According to TMZ Amanda ran through the front door frantically and barged right into the employees area. When someone saw her washing off her dog Amanda tweaked and ran out.

After months of bizarre behavior the former child star was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in Thousand Oaks, California. Supposedly her parents, Rick and Linda Bynes have already visited their daughter in the hospital and are taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that she gets the help that she really needs.A 5150 hold keeps the patient in the hospital for a psych evaluation for 72 hours. If after that time they are deemed to be a threat neither to themselves or anyone else, they get to leave. In Amanda’s case it’s almost a fore gone conclusion that her stay is likely to be extended to a typical 30 days of inpatient care. We have watched Amanda’s erratic behavior for months now mainly in NYC where she had been renting an apartment.

She was recently arrested for tossing a bong out of her window, has developed a real love of plastic surgery and Twitter has been her favorite way to get attention. Posting half naked photos and making comments about how she wanted Drake to murder her vagina have made Amanda’s feed pretty popular. Do you think this hospital stay will do her some good or will the same crazy Amanda be looking for attention the second she’s released? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Robyn Good says

    Thank goodness they took her away on a 5150 hold!

  2. Erin says

    Hopefully she will get the help she needs.

  3. Allie says

    It’s deplorable that she’s walked around this long, in that mental state, with noboody doing anything to help her.

  4. Pamela says

    She obviously needs help of some kind. I hope she gets it.

  5. Chris says

    Burn baby burn, disco inferno! Jokes aside, she’s pretty crazy.

  6. BusyBee says

    This poor poor girl. I agree with Allie, why did no one step in and help her? Or maybe we just didn’t hear about it?

  7. jody says

    it was an accident!

  8. DD says

    Wow, yeah there are some screws loose.

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  10. Jocelyn says

    She’s so lucky nothing serious happened!

  11. Erin says

    Poor girl, happy she now has the chance to get the help she needs.

  12. Allie says

    Here I am again… and she’s still crazy.

  13. Pamela says

    At least she is getting help now.

  14. Jocelyn says

    This girl is unbelievable

  15. Ali says

    I’m sorry, but she ran to a liquor store to wash her dog off???

  16. Allie says

    Oh hai Amanda, fancy seeing you here.

  17. BusyBee says

    I heard a rumor that Sam Lutfi has been putting his dirty hands into her life recently, too. Hope she continues to get help

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  19. dd says

    I also heard the Sam Lutfi rumor as well. I wonder if that is true.

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