Babysitting Tips

Babysitting Tips

I remember when I turned 12 I couldn’t WAIT to babysit! If you’re thinking you’ll want to make some extra cash and want to take up babysitting (someone other than your baby brother of course!) here’s a few tips for you to make sure you can be all that you can be!

Talk to your local hospital about babysitting classes. Chances are they will offer some sort of safety first type class that will teach you the babysitting essentials along with first aid. Your parents will likely have to sign you up and there might be a fee. Your library might also offer the same sort of thing, so check there too! It will look great to parents that you’re able to perform first aid on their kids and are trained by professionals!

When kids have a babysitter they want to do all the things that mom won’t let them do. Since you’re a new face, kids are likely to test the waters with you. They want to see what they can and can’t get away with. If you’re in doubt ask yourself “would my mom let me do this?” you will usually be able to answer your own questions.

If you want fun ideas to do with the kiddos try things like shaving cream pictures, finger paints, making cookies, popcorn & movies, coloring, dancing or fun board games! I remember my favorite memories of babysitters were doing things like building couch forts and pretending I was a princess playing dress up! Get creative. In the day of technology sitting on the couch while you play on your cell phone isn’t going to keep you coming back. It’ll help pass the time and make kids feel more comfortable with you if you’re willing to get down and dirty with them. If you’re able to go outside, ask mom or dad if there is a park nearby that you and the kids can walk to. Kids are going to ask their parents for you to be their babysitter (earning you more money!) based off what you do with them. You’ll also gain more families to sit for if one family likes you. I got more babysitting jobs by referral of friends of friends then any other way!

If you’re looking for people to sit for try to find “needed” boards at places like church and the library. Often times people will post messages saying they are in need of babysitters. Ask your parents to ask around work if people are in need of sitters.

Remember: if you are of driving age and able to drive to your sitter jobs make sure to check on local curfew laws. Most times if you are out past your local curfew and get stopped and you can prove you are coming home from a babysitting job, you’re okay. It’s always best to check with your local police station on the best way to handle being out past curfew for babysitting jobs. They might be strict on that and you wouldn’t want to find out the hard way by being pulled over.

  1. Allie says

    Great tips, for both baby sitter and parents

  2. Pamela says

    Great tips, it’s always hard to keep the kids under control!

  3. DD says

    My daughter is 11 and she is NOT looking forward to babysitting.

  4. Chris says

    Thanks for the extra tips, I’m a pro.

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