Demi Lovato Reveals To Cosmo She Has Been Suicidal Since A Child

Demi Lovato Reveals To Cosmo She Has Been Suicidal Since A Child

Demi Lovato reveals in an emotional interview to Cosmopolitan she became suicidal at the age of seven. The shocking revelation was made in the mag’s latest issue that the singer happens to be covering for the month of August. The 20-year old admits that she has struggled with self-confidence and being being a victim of bullying from an early age, which eventually shaped the way she’d turn out to be.

From slitting her wrists to constantly thinking about death and whether or not the other side was any better than the troubled life she had been living, were some of the things that were part of Demi’s everyday life. When recalling the first time she had started to get suicidal thoughts, the former Disney starlet shared with the mag: “Even before Barney, I was suicidal. I was seven. With Barney, I guess subliminally, I did have a relationship with this figure that was saving my life in a way.”From the things she’s witnesses in her childhood, such as the bullying experience to having an estranged relationship with her recently deceased father Patrick Lovato, Demi truly feels that it ended up shaping her to become the person she is today; she’s not like other childhood celebrities who suffer from their downfall in their early 20s and feel that taking drugs and alcohol is a way to relief the pain they have been feeling for so many years.

Lovato has experience the ups, the downs, the good and bad, so she doesn’t regret how things turned out because had she not going through those things from an early age, she’d probably be in the same position Lindsay Lohan is in right now; constant police charges and numerous amounts of rehab treatments. “I’ve never talked about that probably caused me to turn out the way I ended up turning out. When I look at someone who’s out there partying excessively or rappers rapping about doing drugs, who people look up to, and think, ‘Oh that’s a G; that’s a gangster.’ I think, ‘You’re actually being a giant p*ssy.’”

Catch the issue on sales July 9th.

  1. BusyBee says

    Poor girl. I hope that she has good people around her

  2. Ali says

    That’s just sad. How can someone be so troubled so early on in life?

  3. Jocelyn says

    What is sadder than a suicidal child? 🙁

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