Mario Kart 8 To Be Released In April 2014 – Report

Mario Kart 8 To Be Released In April - Report

Mario Kart 8 will be released in April 2014, according to reports. Nintendo’s biggest selling game of all-time is making its return, in hopes that this can boost the sales of Nintendo Wii U.  Execs are convinced that with the success Mario Kart has been having in recent years, it will help pick up sales for their newest console which has only managed to sell around 3 million copies worldwide.

A newsletter from the company stated the following in a tweet: “Nintendo confirms the release date of Mario Kart 8: April 2014,” followed by the first official picture with what looks to be Mario in a much revamped car. So that’s already giving us the idea that there’ll be a bunch of new cars to drive, along with new power-ups and weapons to choose from, which definitely sounds exciting since the last Mario Kart was just awesome.

Confirmed characters for the game are Toadette, Daisy, Bowser, Dokey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, Waluigi and Peach while the return of motorbikes was also mentioned. A new feature in the newly-designed maps will see players have the ability to drive their cars on walls and upside down to avoid collision with other drivers or obstacles on the road. Ooh, this definitely sounds good! New cars, new characters and new features.

However, with the release of the PS4 and the XBOX One, it’s going to very hard for Nintendo to compete, seeing that a lot of new games will be launching at the end of the year for these particular consoles. Nintendo has been really quiet in the last few months, they didn’t even show up at the E3 this year – but this was purposely done because of the fact that they had nothing to showcase unlike Microsoft and Sony.

As much as we’re intrigued and excited about Mario Kart 8, we think it may struggled with the release of so many new games that are launching at the end of the year. And seeing the poor sales in the Wii U, the company shouldn’t have high hopes on shattering any records because it’s just not going to happen.

  1. Dawn says

    My kids will be very excited to hear this!

  2. Chris says

    Sounds cool, can’t wait for the game to come out.

  3. Ali says

    Geez- they still make Mario Kart? I wouldn’t mind checking it out to be honest!

  4. DD says

    Mario Kart is the best game ever!

  5. Robyn Good says

    Love this game cannot wait!!

  6. jody says

    I can’t do the math to get my comments approved! Can’t you make it easier for us Canadians?

  7. Pamela says

    Love all of the Mario Cart games, always so much fun!

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