Bindi Irwin Supporting Contraception For Girls as Young as 11

Bindi Irwin Supporting Contraception For Girls as Young as 11

Bindi Irwin is causing some controversy  among several people down under. The Australian personality has come up with a way to stop Earth from overpopulating.  According to the National ENQUIRER, she drafted a paper that states that preteens, who are already unfortunate enough to be living in third world countries,  be implanted with a seven year contraception.

Bindi went on to later say that many girls her age and even younger are getting pregnant without anyway to feed their children and after all “Family planning is so important and I feel bad for those who don’t have access to it.”. Oh that’s nice. Its just what these girls needed. A rich little girl half a continent away telling them to get implanted with birth control for their own good.

I guess no one told Bindi the high volume of sexual violence in third world countries. Women and children are attacked on an almost daily basis which occasionally results in pregnancy.  How about we focus on living conditions first and then move on to lowering unplanned pregnancies.

I’m sorry but frankly as of now half of the world is turning into third world countries and someone throwing out the word implantation gives too many wrong ideas.  Like it’s the beginning of eugenics.

  1. Pamela says

    She has a point, but it is so young.

  2. Allie says

    Exactly, she’s young and learning. Let’s not be too harsh on her.

  3. C says

    Whoever wrote this post is obviously not as smart as Bindi is. Think before you open your mouth, how old are you? While yes, forcing birth control on anyone would be wrong, you know how to up the standards of living in these countries, where people have no access to contraceptives and do get raped which results in pregnancy?

    GIVE THEM BIRTH CONTROL. If you give a person a birth control implant that lasts for years, rape will almost never result in pregnancy! Women who don’t want any children or any more children don’t HAVE to have them!

    Living conditions CAN get better when the volume of unwanted pregnancies and rapes resulting in pregnancies is lowered. There IS sexual violence in third world countries and the result of that is a child the mother may not be ready to care for, how is it a negative to avoid her having to go through that?

    Author, get off your high horse and stop being nasty to Bindi because it’s apparent that she has her head screwed on straighter than you do.

  4. DD says

    It is very young but it IS happening!

  5. BusyBee says

    It is happening. This is such a hot button issue. Maybe just her bringing it up might shed some light on it?

  6. get-real says

    I agree with Bindi. Make contraception easily available (but not mandatory) to young girls and watch levels of misery and poverty decline. A rise in sexual violence is even more of a reason to advocate this, because it is a way to spare the victims the consequences of the perpetrators’ acts. Sexual violence is horrible but it is a far more difficult and expensive problem to solve. Kudos to Bindi for speaking out!

  7. Jay says

    Yeah lets give them a house ,cell phones and credit cards before birth control … that would raise their standard of living..
    Do you see how ridiculous that sounds , if not impossible ? Birth control would raise the standard of living automatically in third world countries and anywhere else for that matter … Unfortunately birth control won’t change the problems of violence but just the raising of the standard of living with lower populations would do incredible things guaranteed .

  8. nicole says

    Dear writer, please open up your eyes and mind before you go on a 15 year old. Like YOU said, there is so much sexual violence going on in the world, happening to people of all ages. So wouldn’t it be smart to at least have these people on birth control so when they do get abused/ attacked their risk of getting pregnant as a result is slim to none?

    As far as checking living conditions or giving out BC first, they go hand in hand. Even though they were no longer living in struggling conditions, there would still be some {sexual} violence of the sort. So a good living condition or not, they should all be prepared. This way no-one has to be worried about bringing and unwanted/ unplanned child into this world and having them live in such horrible conditions.

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