Debbie Ryan Covers Miabella Magazine’s Anniversary Edition (PHOTO)

Debbie Ryan Covers Miabella Magazine's Anniversary Edition (PHOTO)

Miabella magazine has dropped their fall edition. They got Debby Ryan, the Disney Channel fan favorite, to be on their cover. As her character on the popular show Jessie’s, Jessie will be helping her kids do their back to school shopping so will the August/September edition do for teenagers across the world.

In it the mag due out at the end of the week, Debbie gave an interview on her life now. The 20 year old talked about her new album she reportedly based majorly on her fears and what she’s learned so far in the business. It seems she’s grateful for the rules she has, even now, for not making her so jaded.

Someone please hand a copy to Justin Bieber. He needs to hear this. This is a good example of growing up in the limelight.  And it hurts that there’s not a lot of support like Debbie had available.  Justin’s parents are too busy recapturing their youth and his reasonable grandmother didn’t tell him not to release photos of himself bare bottom. Meanwhile here’s Debbie breaking into Movie roles with a hit show and a music career that’s just beginning.

It can be done. A child entertainer doesn’t always have to go off the rails.

  1. Ali says

    Her hair is cute on this cover, otherwise- I don’t know who this girl is???

  2. Jocelyn says

    She’s super cute

  3. DD says

    She looks pretty!

  4. Robyn Good says

    Nice to see a young girl so down to earth!

  5. jody says

    what a nice girl

  6. DD says

    A great role model!

  7. Erin says

    My daughter loves her show Jessie. She is cute the character she plays is over the top annoying.

  8. jody says

    so sweet!

  9. Pamela says

    She looks a little too airbrushed to me!

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  11. DD says

    I hope she stays on the straight and narrow.

  12. Allie says

    What a pretty girl

  13. DD says

    She is a good acress

  14. DD says

    She is a great role model.

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