Demi Lovato Will Be Playing a Lesbian on Glee – Santana’s New Love Interest

Demi Lovato Will Be Playing a Lesbian on Glee - Santana's New Love Interest

Good for Demi Lovato. She really has rebuild her life. First there was getting her music career back on track and then sharing the judges’ panel with Simon. Her life is doing really well and although many are proud of her I can’t help but feel a backlash is on the way. We’ve seen it been done before so at this point it could happen to anyone.

The perfect place for that could be on Glee. The show itself has high and low points in many seasons. And this season everyone is almost expecting it to fail with the loss of Cory Monteith. Harsh and yet true.

Cory was the loveable and goofy heart of the show. Many will tune in for his memorial episode but that is one episode out of twenty. Then in walks Demi. She’ll be playing Naya Rivera’s love interest. Basically the part we thought was reserved for Britney after the actress returns from maternity leave is going to be replaced by Demi.  Oh no they didn’t!?!?

Right now is not the time to change the dynamics. Rachel will never have Finn. One loss is enough. Santana should have her Britney. The same way Kurt should go back to Blake. Someone has to have a happy ending. If Demi has to go down for that to happen; she will!

  1. jody says

    love that demi – perfect lesbian

  2. Pamela says

    Hope she can do a good job!

  3. BusyBee says

    So glad she’s making a comeback. I hope she can stay sober

  4. Erin says

    Will be interesting to see how she does.

  5. DD says

    This could be interesting.

  6. Ali says

    What happened to Santana and Brittney? Did Brittney graduate on the show? Or did they just break up?

  7. maurice says

    she looks like a lesbian so this role should be perfect for her.

  8. Robyn Good says

    Wonder how she will do…..

  9. jody says

    i just can’t wait

  10. Allie says

    I didn’t realize Demi knew how to act

  11. Ali says

    Demi looks so much better with darker hair.

  12. BusyBee says

    Keep it going girl. grab it while you can

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