Katie Holmes Dating Luke Kirby, Couple Ready To Go Public?

Katie Holmes Dating Luke Kirby, Couple Ready To Go Public?

According to a new report from OK! Magazine, Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby are dating and getting ready to ‘go public’.

A source tells OK!, Katie is crazy about Luke. He’s put the spark back into her life. Luke’s laid-back and funny — and not at all intense like Tom [Cruise]. He’s very attentive and has put the smile back on Katie’s face.”

Well, if this is true, then it’s a good thing for Katie that she’s found someone so different from Tom. It’s about time she had some fun, and from the paparazzi candids of her and Luke, they look like they’re having a blast together. Of course, their reps still continue to state that there’s nothing going on between the couple, but this wouldn’t be the first time publicists have lied, would it?

Also, after so many years of being trapped as a Scientology robo bride, she deserves to get out there. I know she has a daughter and she probably enjoys spending time with Suri, but a girl needs some romance in her life, right?

What do you guys think? Is Katie dating Luke, and will they go ‘public’ soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  1. DD says

    I thought she was dating Jamie Foxx.

  2. BusyBee says

    If she can smile then that’s great

  3. Jocelyn says

    I like him – they’d make a cute couple!

  4. Ali says

    Definitely wouldn’t be the first time publicists have lied.

  5. maurice says

    omg – they look cute

  6. jody says

    have fun katie you need some

  7. rosie says

    Yesterday it was Jamie Foxx today this dude just means no one knows!

  8. Allie says

    Katie Holmes still looks like a teenager

  9. Pamela says

    They are adorable together!

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  11. Erin says

    Cute couple, its time she had a nice guy.

  12. dd says

    She’s making a weird face.

  13. maurice says

    so freaking gawjus

  14. DD says

    Anyone is better than Tom Cruise.

  15. DD says

    Katie Holmes needs a younger man.

  16. maurice says

    katie has awesome skin

  17. BusyBee says

    It’d be nice to see her happy

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