New Sims 3 Expansion Packs Due This Fall (VIDEO)

New Sims 3's Expansion Packs Due This Fall

Sims 3 is coming out with a couple of expansion packs this Fall and they look kind of fun. Hopefully they’ll live up to our expectations. You know unlike the Sims 3 game did itself.

There is the Movie Stuff Expansion Pack due out on September 13 and Into the Future expansion pack due this October 25th . The Movie Stuff provides whole new set of add-ons to make you Sims either be in a Western, Horror, or Superhero movie. Rumor has the Horror’s objects and costumes go along great with another expansion, Supernatural. So if there are any vampires or werewolves that need an upgrade Movie Stuff will be exactly what you’re looking for.

The trailer is OK. It does its job by selling the Movie Stuff – but buyers please remember the former commercials before you using up your allowance. For one, the Sims 3 commercials were vastly misleading. That and having your Sims think for themselves I personally found annoying. However if you’ve moved past this old dispute then start saving up. The expansions are always expensive when they’re recent. But that does not mean to fully trust eBay or Amazon just yet.

Hold off to the Holidays and you can get a great deal on all games. Not Black Friday thought. That is simply a trap.

  1. Allie says

    My daughter will be thrilled about this

  2. Chris says

    Loved the old Sims games; but the new ones are just not doing it for me.

  3. Ali says

    Those graphics are insane…games these days!

  4. Robyn Good says

    Cannot wait, I love the SIMS!!

  5. Pamela says

    I am a bit obsessed, but not sure about the expansions.

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