Tricky Relationship?

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Have you ever been in a sticky situation with your relationship? Not sure how to handle it? Read on. Let’s say you have a friend, who happens to be of the opposite gender and you guys have been friends for a really long time. You enjoy this person’s company and you think they are funny and nice. Then, the person comes to you one day in the halls and asks if you want to ‘go out’ or to ‘be in a relationship’ and you don’t know if you feel the same towards the other person, what should you do?

First off, honesty is the best, no matter what your answer might be. If that person just wants to go on a date, why not? After all they are your friend and you do enjoy their company. Tell them up front that you want to go as just friends and nothing more. Perhaps they’ll change their mind about going or maybe they’ll still want to go, really as just friends. You can do something that’s not too boyfriend girlfriend like; try something where there’s a lot of people. Ice Skating, mini golfing and bowling can all be fun things to do with friends, or a date. Ask if other people can come with, again reinforcing the fact that you just want to be friends. If it’s a group date, it’s less like boyfriend/girlfriend.

If that person is asking for you to be in a relationship with them, it’s best to tell them how you really feel. Explain to them that you consider them a good friend. You enjoy their company and you think they are fun to be around. Tell them that you don’t think you have boyfriend/girlfriend feelings for them. This is best done somewhere quite (don’t do it in the halls at school or at your friends party). That person put their feelings out there for you and you need to be nice to them to let them down easily. If you’re not ready to talk to the person and tell them how you feel ask them if you can call them later. That will give you some time to be able to form your words so you can tell them the truth without hurting their feelings. Lying to someone in this situation is the worst thing you can do, you will hurt their feelings and you will likely lose the friendship in the meantime!

  1. Ali says

    That awkward friend who wants to be more situation is something I always dreaded when I was single. I was always honest with them, but still felt like a jerk when I had to break it down that I only saw them as a friend. It sucks all around.

  2. BusyBee says

    Dating is so over rated. Being single and focused on your life and goals is so much easier.

  3. Chris says

    Being single is more fun, I don’t have time to emotionally care about another person.

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