Why Can’t We be Friends?

Why Can't We be Friends?

Unfortunately, in today’s world there is more bullying than in the past. Perhaps it’s because people are taking to social media to make their bullying public, perhaps it’s because people think they are better then the next? Maybe it’s due to TV and making bully’s seem ‘cooler’ than the rest of the crowd. Whatever the reason is, it’s uncalled for.

Let me give you the dirty secret about bullying: it’s downright no good. You’re not any prettier, smarter, hotter, sexier, funnier, bigger, smaller or anything else you may think you are by bullying someone. Chances are you’re reading this in the privacy of your own home so let’s have a heart to heart. Often times we might pick on someone because we saw our friends do it. Maybe we said something mean to them to impress the boy next to us in class. Maybe your boyfriend told you to say something or you did something because another girl was talking to him. Maybe you said something that you thought was a joke and the person was supposed to take it as a joke, but they didn’t, their fault right? Wrong. Take it from me, as you grow you will realize that the most important thing about growing up was not being on the top, it was being friends to people who needed you.

Just imagine if everyone was just that much nicer to the person next to them. Could you imagine how many less school shootings there would be? Or what about how many less teenage suicides there would be? Believe it or not, there would probably be less teen pregnancies too! Going through your teenage years can be tough and awkward. Some people don’t flinch and fly right through them flawlessly, while others may have a bumpier of a road. Next time you want to poke fun at the girl who maybe isn’t wearing a designer outfit think twice.

It’s hard to see out of our teenage world some days. You’ve got school work, boy problems, your best friend has the same phone cover you do, there are a million things you’re dealing with; the last thing you need right now is to try to be nice to everyone. So let’s try something new: I challenge every person reading this blog to do something very simple: Saying something nice to at least 3 people tomorrow. They can be complete strangers, they can be your friends, either way say something nice. You will be surprised how you will feel good and you never know you might start something. If someone over hears maybe they will do the same thing and ultimately you can create a reverse effect of bullying. I personally challenge you to try it. Leave me a comment letting me know what you did and the reaction you got!

  1. Ali says

    That’s a good challenge, and I accept!

  2. DD says

    I accept the challenge!

  3. Pamela says

    Agreed, people need to be nicer!

  4. DD says

    Let’s all love each other!

  5. Chris says

    Teenagers usually aim for quantity when it comes to friend, but quality makes for a lasting friendship.

  6. DD says

    Funny thing is a lot of the teenage friends aren’t your friends years later.

  7. Robyn Good says

    Nice post thanks for passing on!

  8. Allie says

    I can step up to the plate

  9. DD says

    We need to all be friends.

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