Will Bryan Cranston Play Lex Luthor In Superman vs. Batman Movie?

Will Bryan Cranston Play Lex Luthor In Superman vs. Batman Movie?

The upcoming Superman vs Batman casting rumors are at it again. This time it’s not about Superman or Batman. Sorry but people are focusing in on would play the villain, Lex Luthor. Superheroes are nice but we know they’re going to pick the tall buff actor that can at best pull off his lines reasonably. However the role of the villain requires more than going a topless here and there.

They have to pull off a superior intelligence. They have to occasionally be funny. Furthermore they have to pull off the crazy eyes. The crazy eyes are when they look perfectly calm at someone or something right as they do or talk about mass murder. Tom Hardy, Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises” had great crazy eyes. You couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time but his eyes did all he acting for him. Now that’s a villain.

Be honest the villains tend to hold the interest more than heroes. They have cooler gadgets and watching them onscreen destroying everything is the true highlight of the film. So who will get to be our villain? Right now the top contenders are Mark Strong who’s played a villain in most of the movies he’s done and then there’s Bryan Cranston. At first glimpse you don’t think villain until he goes crazy eyes. I Like Mark but I’m voting for Bryan. Lex was underestimated and that’s something Mark can’t do as well as Bryan.

  1. Allie says

    He would be perfect for the role!

  2. Ali says

    Does he play a bad guy on Breaking Bad? Because all I can remember him for is the dad on Malcom in the Middle…and he wasn’t very villian-ish.

  3. jody says

    i was hoping he would move on to more serious work than that crap

  4. Chris says

    Of course it’s another bald character, but the personality is completely different then Walter White’s on Breakind Bag; this could be very promising if true.

  5. DD says

    I think he would be perfect!

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