Celeb Teen Laundry’s Five Rules To Combat Negativity

Celeb Teen Laundry’s Five Rules To Combat Negativity

Celeb Teen Laundry decided to draw up the 5 important rules to life; 5 simple methods you can implement in your day-to-day living to assist you in making lemonade from those horrid lemons. Hey, it happens to all of us, you wake up on a Monday morning and land smack bang in the middle of your dog’s pee. Your coffee machine breaks, your mom screams at you for being late, you miss class at school and end up in detention, the girl/boy of your dreams denies you, and the bullies make an example of you. It’s a regular day in the regular life of a teenager, right? Not necessarily so. There are ways to make your life go from sour to sweet, easy breezy!

1 – Don’t snowball negativity – If negative events happen in succession, don’t let it suck the life out of your day. It might feel like the universe is out to kick you in the face, but in actual fact, these negative events are actually not that negative, it’s merely your perception of negativity that make them negative in the first place. Random events occur on a daily basis, it’s just bad luck that yours occurred at the same time, on the same day, in the same exact spot. Whatever you do, do not allow this negativity to snowball out of control and cause you to lose your mind. Negativity is like a backyard farm family with bodies in their freezer – it gives birth to new negativity which, in turn, gives birth to more negativity.

2 – Don’t lose control – You’re driving the car of your life, but sometimes this car breaks down on the highway and burns out. It’s perfectly normal to stop at the gas station and refuel your car, so don’t allow feelings of selfishness to creep into your life. Take a time out, eat a sandwich, chill under a tree, watch a movie, read a book, and do what you have to do in order to regain control. Pardon us for being cheesy, but a lack of control will crash your car into the side railings of that highway called life. You don’t want a smashed car, now do you?

3 – Wake up and smell the roses – It’s perfectly cool to live in a world of unicorns and cupcakes. In fact, this is actually a wonderful defense mechanism in times of need. However, many of us seem to get lost in our little world and forget the things that matter. Don’t allow La-La Land to suck you in and make you a citizen of Dopeville – it’s really not that fun. Prioritize first, make a daily planner, organize your life, and stick to it. One day you’ll thank your former self for being so meticulous. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit over obsessive when it comes to planning ahead. This planning will also curb those negative events and will cause you to be more resilient in the long run.

4 – Fight back – If life throws you a curveball, don’t take it lying down like a victim. Stand up, fight for who you are, fight for what you believe in, and kick those critics in the face (not literally, please). One day you’ll be able to look back at your hard fought battles and congratulate yourself on surviving the odds. Don’t ever, EVER allow anyone to tell you that you’re not worth it, because you are. Trust us. We’re clever.

5 – Smile – This is the most important rule on our tricky little list. You HAVE to turn that frown upside down and brighten the world with that beautiful smile! If the going gets rough, remember that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a manic firefly; it’s the light of your future inviting you to bathe in it. Obviously, you don’t have to smile when you’re crying – we’re not telling you to become a sad clown, we’re telling you that positivity in your body language will have a positive impact on your life. This age old cliché has some truth to it, “Never stop smiling, because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.” Hey, if supermodels were scouted for their smile in a mall, why can’t it happen to you? Smile, baby! You’re a superstar!

You’re most probably thinking, “These lunatics don’t know a thing about my life!” You’re incorrect in that little assumption, dear reader. We know quite a bit about your life. We’ve all been there, and we’ll all still be there one day. How boring would life be without those moments where you’re able to look back at yourself and laugh at all the silly things you did? Life damages everyone, but this isn’t the bad kind of damage! One day, when you’re sitting in your rocking chair and reminiscing about your youth, you’ll realize that the damage life inflicted upon you made you a strong, resilient, and beautiful human being. Without these dark alleyways, you won’t be the person you are today. Now own it, believe it, and live it, because you’re worth it!

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  2. Pamela says

    Great tips, always handy to keep in mind.

  3. DD says

    Great tips!

  4. BusyBee says

    And realize weird things, and “bad” things happen to everyone. It’s OK

  5. MakeHerUp says

    Great reminder, life has its ups and downs. The downs might seem like they will never end but they will.

  6. Robyn Good says

    Great tips thanks for passing on!

  7. DD says

    I’m going to send this to teens I know.

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  9. Allie says

    Positive things happen to positive people

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  13. […] Celeb Teen Laundry’s Five Rules To Combat Negativity – celebteenlaundry […]

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