Bindi Irwin Has PETA Furious for SeaWorld Partnership

Bindi Irwin Has PETA Furious for SeaWorld Partnership

In what the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) calls a hypocritical move, Bindi Irwin, the 15-year-old daughter of famed crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, has partnered with SeaWorld in a joint initiative called Generation Nature which encourages children to help preserve wildlife.

SeaWorld has been the focal point of claims of abuse and exploitation by PETA for quite some time, and has recently received backlash after the hit documentary Blackfish highlights what happens when a killer whale is confined to a small space for entertainment purposes.  PETA shared with toofab, “The Irwin family has been exploiting animals for years, so it comes as no surprise that Bindi has agreed to become SeaWorld’s latest shill. But plastering her face on SeaWorld’s website won’t cover up the fact that orcas, dolphins, and other animals are suffering in SeaWorld’s tiny tanks after being ripped from their families.”  They go on, “Bindi’s talk-show appearances are just a flimsy last-ditch effort by an abusement park hoping to make a buck.”

Performers such as Trisha Yearwood and REO Speedwagon have cancelled planned shows in the park, choosing not to be associated with the controversial theme-park. Bindi talked with Robin Roberts this morning and shared how excited she is about the new joint initiative.  I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from PETA on Generation Nature.  Tell us what you think! Are you Team Sea World or Team Bindi?

  1. BusyBee says

    Peta needs to stop with being so angry at people.

    1. Walli says

      Busybee, if people like PETA didn’t get angry as you call it, I can only imagine the suffering animals would endure for the sake of amusing us. Animals cannot speak for themselves, environmental groups and animal rights groups have to do that for them. After researching SeaWorld I will not frequent any of their parks. Tearing babies away for their mothers is horrible and we don’t give animals credit for feeling pain.
      Please do your research before condemning PETA.

      1. AnnoyedBee says

        Walli, it is sad that people like BusyBee spout off without knowing ANY facts whatsoever!! It’s nice living in ignorance land. Sadly, PETA does do stupid things that turn people off so that it seems believable that PETA are the nuts. BusyBee should research though before she spouts off. I watched Blackfish and I couldn’t stop crying. It was disgusting. I will NEVER profit a corrupt corporation such as Seaworld either and it has nothing to do with PETA. It’s called paying attention BusyBee. The facts are in your face. Just pay attention. As for the Irwins, who are they? No one. They are has beens.

      2. kelli says

        THANK YOU AnnoyedBee

      3. Laurell says

        I agree! But San Diego Zoo is far worse! The animals at Sea World all have toys…San Diego Zoo, and Bindi’s Zoo wants the animals in “natural habitat”, LOL Ever see a bear pace in the wild? Monkeys in such tiny cages? Zoo’s make me far sicker than Sea World, but I agree that all wild animals need to be left in the wild!! How would YOU feel if some large monster plucked you from your home, and forced you to do tricks for food for the rest of your life!?

        1. kinensai says

          I think it’s great that everyone is finally starting to realize that we all need to be more aware of animal rights and stop supporting animal cruelty. However, people need to start by looking at themselves and their own households first. Stop “crate training” dogs. We say it isn’t right to have “wild” animals in such small inclosures and then turn around and put our pets in crates or small pens in the backyard while we go to work. Sometimes people leave their dogs in crates while at work and then again when it’s time to sleep. That’s 16+ hours. Often times these crates aren’t even big enough for the animals to pace in. Change starts in your own household first.

          1. lisa says

            I agree! I think it’s ok for safe transportation, or vet office for recovery. I just got a year old English bull dog, and the previous owner loved him, but had to put him in a create while at work for 8 hour, not including to and from work. He offered me the create. I told him there would be no need. He(the dog) would not be caged. I know money doesn’t grow on tree’s, find someone to help care for your pet child while at work. my dog has his freedom and I take him to a safe area where he walks off lead, to run, use his mind to explore, and burn energy from the expensive pet food. I think some people don’t think before getting a pet, how or whom will care for it when they can’t, so pet stores sell them a create. My thought is if you can afford the dog run why not fence the yard.

          2. Leaveeminocean says

            There is a big difference -domesticated animals have been partnering w humans for thousands of years. Wild animals belong in their own natural habitat. Humans can never even begin to duplicate the complex environment of dolphins and whales. We need to protect all animals- but seriously crate training? Wow can not compare to the cruel cement prison called Sea World where marine mammals are subjected to poisonous chemicals in the water in addition to being held captive and forced to perform unnatural tricks for the amusement of salacious greedy humans. WE NEED TO CLOSE SEA WORLD DOWN

        2. Jen says

          Yes- it’s so nice that the animals “have toys”. Are you a f***** moron!??!

      4. Faith Briton says

        Yes, Peta needs to leave her alone. She has a right to join and promote whatever organization she chooses to. Some things aren’t their business. People are worried about the rights of animals when only certain people have rights.

        1. Leaveeminocean says

          PETA was right in every word. MONEY AND GREED. No serious conservationist would have a damn thing to do w Sea Hell. She needed to be called out on the carpet and now we know her true colors. Green for greed of money

      5. Bob says

        PETA kills more animals than they save and exploits women. All I ever see about PETA is celebrities saying they’d rather go nude than wear fur, just a publicity stunt on both parties. You can do more for animals by volunteering in a shelter than PETA has ever done.

        1. Voice of Truth says

          You re 100% coorrect For every one the good things they manage to do they also do about 100 incredibly ignorant. Leave the girl alone..They seek to foment and foster outrage when their very existence as the often inane enablers of vacuousity . Showing up at a local Jr. High school in my area a few years ago earned them undying emnity as they sought to browbeat kids over the possession of pastrami or tuna fish sandwiches in their lunches while standing out from in the pre-school miunutes.
          Sadly, mostly middle aged women, Birkenstocks, 14 d=cats apiece and chronic allergies, childless, manless 76 lbs overweigth wearing a very faded “Snoopy” sweatshirt fro Xmas 1984 with not even go batteries for he vibrator They are a sad lot and mut have to pay their front women a lot to dissuage the stereotype that OMG of alarmingly accurate…..OH YEAH? MY wife, out of a misguided desire ti help animals joined them for about 8 months years ago and got stuck being the “face” for this exact group I have described….Don’t believe it? One got evicted, moved completely away from the area in shame ( more going on that anyone knew…like doing crack and crack dealers) and left 10 cats in an older frame house with pet doors…We got sent to check it out as I was a LE officer…..SHIT SHIT SHIT everywhere. I had to eae a =gas mask, cats, dead ones, dead kittens, food bags ripped and spilled, dead everything everywhere they had had to orey on…..semi wild-by now cats all creeated by a oerson who espoused Ethical treatment of animals… about the neighbors of this “cathouse”? You could smell it a block away mostly shit but there was also some shit too. I probably do more to help animals than their inane gimmicks…an 8 foot carrot loitering at a upper class middle or Jr. High school and getting arrested? ARE YOU S—ING ME SURPRISE…..meat processing plant owner, grocery chain owner. people diversified into ranching aren’t gonna put up with that type of buttcrust shennigans??LOONY.Big carrot+ jail for inanely trying to spontaneously encourage a bunch of destructive, well-to do-pubescents to eat vegetables cause they are what?Not so nice as shellfish…. Crustaceans? Grasshoppers like they eat in other countries? What is our responsibilities vis-a-vis pesticides and the effect of GMO effecting the bee populations or that poor spider I accidentally crushed when I put my off in my slipper today….a Brown recluse but happily he treated me ethically by getting th f**K mashed out of him before he could result into a innapropariate social statement….This list of idiocies continues forever…..

          1. john says

            If you are going to leave short story length comments then try a little harder to make sense. with all do respect theat read like a meth heads journal entry

          2. Kate says

            LOL @ John. Your comment is so true. I attempted to read the story left by “The Voice of Truth” and I can honestly say I have no idea what he/she was trying to say. I seriously think that person is on meth or previously used meth and killed all their brain cells.

      6. Greg says

        You wrote: “Tearing babies away for their mothers is horrible and we don’t give animals credit for feeling pain.”

        I’m not sure I understand your logic or reasoning so I will attempt to wade on into this and interject my thoughts.

        We have a group of people who are supposed to be adults who belong to a group known as PETA. These adults are quite fond of making statements that would an honest person to the conclusion that they are in some way noble in the pursuit of a cause. This, however, is very far from the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth in fact. If you look into the method of action used most often by this extremist group you will see they operate in the realm of misinformation. They are not who they purport themselves to be.

        People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) euthanized almost 90 percent of the animals sheltered at the group’s headquarters in Norfolk, Va., in 2012

        What makes you think that an attack on this girl or her family is in some way going to bolster your groups reputation or elevate their standing in the public eye?

      7. a job role has been offered to a 15 year old animal lover and Trainer.she is happy and enthusiastic.Maybe she didn’t get to watch Blackfish.If she did,maybe it didn’t have the same impact on her as the rest of us.she is enamoured that a very large corporation like Seaworld has offered to hire her.,and just maybe she is under the impression that this very large important company is taking steps to correct thier old ignorant ways.She will try to set the world on fire.Please give her a chance and keep on pressuring Seaworld to treat the animals better and differently.This family of Irwins are not ” has beens.”they are up and coming.

      8. Sam k9gang says

        Peta? Those idiotic, mentally ill, animal murderers? WHY does anyone listen to those nut jobs? No common sense? As an animal rescue, rehab, rehome, owner support person for 35 years I have plenty of experience dealing with those insane people hating domestic terrorists…that’s what they are peta hsus, etc. peta kills 98% of what they purport to rescue.Look it up for yourselves, look it up. Plus hey prefer to euthanize rather than rehome. and they proudly shout that no one should own pets. Preserving species from extinction goes against Peta.They would rather species become extinct. that’s why they hate places like sea world and zoos. P.e.t.a. apparently really means People Euthanizing Tame animals. I hope some of you are aware that peta members were caught abusing baby farm animals in order to make sensationalistic videos to get donations. It’s not all about the animals with animal rights groups, it’s really all about the money…

      9. Ms.Laura says

        That’s right. My heavens with no PETA things would be wayyyyyy worse , exponentially so, for animals. All hail PETA. They are fearless God’s and Godlesses. Thank you PETA.

    2. sexybee says

      Erm who eats animals like ewww.

  2. les hagbloom says

    don’t PETA stand for people eat the animals?

    1. ByteMe says

      No, PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. 🙂

    2. Greg says

      Yes it does. I’m so glad you were able to figure that out! Now as a prize for your continued pledge of just $9,999.99 (not that we are trying to dodge the feds) I am prepared to offer you a choice of the following:
      One PETA training bra made from the feathers of the, previously thought extinct, Do Do bird. Yes we found one and no, nothing is left after we plucked it.
      One PETA Do Do Steak. Hey what can we say. The meat was just there. We found it. We aren’t sure where it came from.

      Sound like BS?

      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) euthanized almost 90 percent of the animals sheltered at the group’s headquarters in Norfolk, Va., in 2012

  3. Tracy R says

    It kills me these animals are ripped away from their famalies and forced to perform in less than desirable tanks. I am team animals-they are not put on this earth for our entertainment!

    1. Brian says

      “Tracy R May 23, 2014 at 9:48 am – Reply

      It kills me these animals are ripped away from their famalies and forced to perform in less than desirable tanks. I am team animals-they are not put on this earth for our entertainment!”

      The animals were placed on this earth for us to EAT!!!!! I wouldn’t say that my dog was here for anything but to live the life!

  4. Shannon says

    I’m shocked to see Bindi, condone the treatment of these animals. It goes against what her father taught her, His mission was to educate people about animals and enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat. Never would he approve Sea World exploiting them or taking them from their families. I am appalled

    1. Jennie says

      I feel like Bindi is at an age that she is ignorant to all this. I doubt her mother would let her watch Blackfish knowing this $$$Deal$$$ is on the table. With her mother as her manager what does she even do for a living to provide for her kids? and since Bindi really isnt a hot commodity all the mother cares is about grabbing the deal while its still hot and banking off her daughter. sad

      1. Cheryl says

        When Steve left this world he left his family well provided for, do your homework. They do not need to whore themselves for money. They could be doing that, but they don’t NEED to.

  5. Maggie says

    If an animal isn”t able to take care of itself in the wild It”s one thing. BUT !! They shouldn”t keep healthy,able ones caged up Any Where.

  6. fatalreview says

    PETA needs to rethink their endorsement of Miley Cyrus–how many dogs is she going to have die before they stop acting like she is a responsible pet owner and a worthy pet ambassador-get off Bindi’s back you “pet lovers” I think South Park’s take on pETA is pretty accurate

  7. CAHummingbird says

    The PETA people are nothing but a bunch of ahole troublemakers who will do anything to get their organization’s name in the press. Their claims are nothing but bull $#!T!! Sea World, many of the world’s zoos and other organizations that have to put up with their BS have saved endangered species with their breeding programs. PETA, on the other hand has done NOTHING but cause problems everywhere they decide to go. Screw you PETA!

  8. Laural White says

    Sorry PETA. I like Sea World. I believe the tanks are large, very large. the show tank is smaller, of course.

    PETA if you want to do something worth while, do something about the cattle ranchers making the states remove the free
    mustang horses from the free lands so they can turn their cattle out on the lands that are for the mustangs. Perhaps you should look into the helicopter round ups. Taking these horses and sending them to slaughter houses. So, where are you PETA?????

    1. Stacy says

      I don’t think you understand how TINY the tanks are for a several ton whale? Why do you think they fight with each other? Why the have killed trainers. There is NO none attack on humans in Killer Whales that live in the wild. Its like a goldfish in a bowl ya it works for a while but they can’t grow to softball size they are supposed to and so then the lifespan is shorten and they usually get sick and die. Killer whales don’t deserve to live in a cement tank for there entire lives with SeaWorld loves to tell people is only like 15-20 when its actually much longer..SeaWorld lies about a lot and people like you need to see how horrible it really is…What the movie the The Cove you can see how seaworld gets dolphins pretty sick just google you will see

  9. Grantu8 says

    I understand what PETA stands for, and I also understand that there are probably 1000s’ of cases of animal abuse….BUT….I wonder if this were about abused children…just how fast they would take on the cause of abused and battered children???

    Personally I truly feel that this organization is much too stringent and narrow thinking!!

    1. Stacy says

      Are you for real? PETA is specifically for animal abuse, the abuse of children isn’t what they do, They actually other organizations for that.. jesus

      1. Paul Stanley says

        I’ll be you don’t feel as strongly about the abuse of babies through abortion as you do about an animal.

        1. Leaveeminocean says

          wow two different subjects babe- go spout off about a woman’s right to choose somewhere else like a neoconservative lying fake christian website –
          if you really care about children go foster some unwanted abused crack babies but I bet you bitch about paying taxes to feed children- we are talking about Sea World stick to the subject

  10. Grantu8 says

    Leave Bindi Irwin alone!!! She is a wonderful young lady and always wants the best for all animals!!!

  11. TAMICA says


    1. Penny says

      PETA is a bunch of hypocrites.

    2. JW says

      Amen!!! PETA is the epitome of hypocrites!

  12. Penny says

    It’s funny to me how “we” pick and chose what animals should roam free and which should be kept as pets.

  13. TJ says

    Actually,having animals in captivity SAVES them !

    Yes,we learn about them,people respect them and we can treat their medical issues ! YES ! Even in the wild we now know how to help them !!!

    Peta is a propaganda machine,and it doesn’t do any good for the animals.

    I am not a animal lover/nutt but I don’t want any animal to suffer…and none do in captivity,so Peta,stop killing dogs and cats as you do after you pick them up for so-called adoption..

  14. Bae says

    Honestly, PETA has killed tons of puppies and kittens. (If you don’t believe me, GOOGLE IT.) THAT should be in the media’s eye. That is so fucked up more than supporting fucking seaworld. It’s so sick to see picture of countless dogs and cats stuffed in trash bags.

  15. Pamela says

    I do think Peta go too far and tend to annoy people and sound extreme, obviously it’s easy to see where they’re coming from.

  16. Casey says

    I am not saying there is no cruelty to animals, but PETA is an extreme Leftist organization.

  17. […] is also working as a youth ambassador for SeaWorld because she believes it’s a great way to help keep her fathers work and memory alive. She also helps to organize […]

  18. VONBEAR says

    The top executives at PETA all pulll down over $1M per year. They are in this for the money and the money is top dollar.

  19. Anne says

    Peta I have written you about pets being cruely treated and you have never ever responded
    You make me ill
    You basicly do what gets you the publisity
    shame on you that is all that matters to you to be in the spot lite

  20. Campbellkid says

    Wouldn’t it be Team Seaworld or Team PETA??? not Team Bindi or Team Seaworld??

  21. Yo says

    PETA kills thousands of animals every year.

  22. Deswy says

    PETA is angry at everyone these days. I had been to Seaworld; it’s a tremendously marvelous place for children and adults to see the world’s sea life.

    If PETA had their way, more than one educational park and museum would have gone the way of the buffalo.

    Hey, listen, I know of many people who love animals, as I do. I would do anything to preserve their natural habitats, but PETA is way out of line, now.

  23. BigPete says

    15 years old and has done more for animals and is more intelligent than ALL of petal put together. She has great passion for animals and educates people about them. She deserves GREAT RESPECT for her dedication and love she has for animals.

  24. debra says

    I find it extremely cruel to keep any animal in captivity that has a internal instinct to migrate, or a maternal instinct so strong that it yearns for its missing baby long after its been taken. I cant blame a animal that knows that your the cause of its grief and misery and seeks revenge . Thanks for the fish where’s my kid? who said captivity saves animals, I don’t think I would want to be saved if I hade to live in a four foot long box for sixty years, could you imagine never being able to stretch completely out but being kept alive.

  25. Leaveeminocean says

    so instead of dealing with the truth that the Irwin family are money whores – its time to blackeye PETA- we need spokespeople for animals- PETA brings to light alotta crap-like the dogs being killed for fur in China- the horrible nature of circuses – they do care about those wild horses- they are fighting on all kinds of fronts- and they spoke the truth about Bindi

  26. debbie wood says

    PETA takes things to far,If we tried or never killed animals, they would all start to die of deases an all would get sick, I beleave protect animals like dogs ,cats monkey, horses an some other ones, But GOD put animals on this green earth for food, I do believe animal should not be killed that cause them pain, they are ways that that can be done.And for BINDA IRWIN you an most people know the love she has for all animals,And you PETA people the unborn human babies cannot speak for nther selfs either an the little children of the world,So why not worry about the human race a little more than you’all do.

  27. dave says

    If Seaworld is not conducting itself in an appropriate manner then the information SHOULD be released into the public domain and the government and the people of that nation should work together to resolve the issue.

    PETA I see you as an organization that is in disrepute yourself because of your mass slaughter of animals given into your care.

    Considering the culture of death that seems to surround PETA I would suggest that PETA stop killing animals because you can’t be bothered to actually take care of them properly and mind their own business before crying crocodile tears over animals that are on the other side of the planet.

    PETA have you not considered that young women like miss Irwin have their own path to follow and may not neccessarily need or want your approval, they are not required to explain themselves to you no matter how imporant you keep telling yourself you are.

    I have no faith in your organization and have no belief you are interested in anything more than a pathetic attempt in badly planned social engineering covered by a mollecule thin veneer of good intent to give your interference some credibility.

    Please crawl back under the rock you came from and give back the what ever monies you have been given for destroying god knows how many millions of life forms. If your best solution is better off dead, should we then hand over the care of allegedly badly treated to you Orca’s so you can have them put to sleep on a thursday.

    I think not, we need solutions not soapy liberal opinions, I would trust the Irwin family to find a solution far more than I would trust a doormouse in the hands of a psychotic private interest group such as PETA

  28. REALLY? says

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. PETA has no room to talk. They need to practice what they preach before they go bashing others for being hypocrites.

  29. Melinda Elizabeth says

    TEAM PETA 100% Let’s be a voice for all the helpless creatures in the world

    1. Sam k9gang says

      I have butted heads with nut job peta people and rescued animals from them.

      peta = mental illness.
      peta = puppy and kitten murders.
      peta = baby bunny killers.
      peta = people haters.
      peta = terrorists – where’s homeland security when you need it?

  30. Jake says

    PETA is a joke. Do most people know that they are more hypocritical then Bindi Irwin? Read about the various scandals PETA has endured. PETA is known for throwing blood, pain urine and feces at people they do not like/hate/loathe. Also they love to threaten people as well as calling them names. PETA…a very standup organization….not!

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