Connor Cruise Jumping Ship From Scientology?

Women’s Day Australia recently had an interview with Connor Cruise–son of Nicole Kidman and her ex-husband Tom Cruise. The interview had some rather interesting revelations–apparently Connor Cruise has been in contact with his mother, Nicole, after not wanting to live with her when he was younger, and (most likely) still under the thumb/being influenced by his dad. Which I think is good.

I know that if I had been Nicole, I would have been hurt that my own children didn’t want to spend time with me. But I think it was smart that she did not talk too much about it publicly. Kids know which parent cares about them, and which one doesn’t–by their actions especially. I highly doubt Connor would be giving this interview if Nicole had done interview after interview trashing Tom Cruise (no matter how much I think he deserved it), and the way he was raising their children.

So I’m glad that she has her two oldest ‘babies’ again, and hopefully her two younger kids (Sunday and Faith, right?) get to know their big brother and sister, without Minders watching them all the time. I hope that Nicole carves out more time to see her oldest children–even if she has to fly out to see them.

  1. MK says

    Glad to see Connor in touch with his mom, the relationship between Tom and Nicole and their two kids always seemed really odd!

    1. Ellias says

      Who tries to separate the kids from their mom, is no brained. When you say “mom” your lips are touching twice; when you say “dad” never touches. No one can take place of a mother , but the dad, is not the one who donates sperm, but the one who raise you. I know these kids are not “natural” for none of these two famous parents, but I am sure Nicole, is a good mother. Too bad Tom didn’t accept, he was dumped, as he doesn’t accept with Katie also, but this guy, despite the fact that was a good actor, nothing is “pushing” him in front, to be seen. Sorry to say, but with a 5.4 man, who is happy? And I tell you why: these short people are so frustrated by their height and they think, every one beside them, has to be the ” slave one” with a scarf on their face, not to be “touched by other men’s eyes” They have the feeling of property very developed. So better for these women in Tom’s life, be with anybody else, but Tom. And the kids are brain washed by him, but now they are adults and realize the “sickness” of their dad’s mind.

      1. susan says

        i’m not getting this…..the thumb nail where i got this from says isabella cruise and then when you click it’s conner instead

        i do like the fact that either one lol….is reconnecting with the mother… the other person said, they never should have been kept away from her when it all happened between her and tom…


      2. susan says

        i am a child of adoption, so i do know what you’re saying…that it’s who you’re raised by and not biology……

        but i dont’ think that’s why tom has done what he’s done, because he’s short…there are other short actors out there, and they do not act the way that he does by a long shot.

        what i think is that all the fame has gone to his head…..and let’s leave it at that


  2. […] been forced to cut ties with her children, Connor Cruise claims that’s not true. He recently explained in an interview, “I love my mum. I don’t care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid. I […]

  3. DD says

    He sure has grown up. Hope he stays out of the limelight though.

  4. BusyBee says

    He is a special child in the world of Scientology. They do not really follow the rules.

  5. Shiny says

    It does seem like she walked away and left those kids behind.

    1. Virgilia Coriolanus says

      From what I have personally read–basically Tom and Nicole had joint custody of their kids for the first few years, but then when the kids got older, they decided that they wanted to be with their dad.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was HIS influence, because according to Scientology dogma, Nicole would have been a ‘suppressive person’ that they would’ve had to stay away from.

      Tom Cruise just admitted that same thing when he tried to sue a tabloid for saying that he ‘abandoned’ his daughter, Suri. That deposition was probably the worst thing he could’ve ever done, because it harmed him, and got the tabloid more attention.

      In the deposition he said that Katie Holmes was a ‘suppressive person’ and that Sur didn’t practice the religion anymore.

    2. Jody says

      I don’t think Nicole left them, I think Tom Cruise pushed her out of the marriage and took over the kids, especially their minds

    3. Patricia N. says

      Watch the HBO Documentary “Going Clear”. It clearly spells it out where they set Nicole up for a hard fall. The men who were there and bugged her phones and home had Connor and Isabella brainwashed to believe that their OWN Mother was the enemy. The men spoke openly about what they were told to do. They admitted that it was disgusting and they were ashamed of what they did.

      Nicole probably had a nervous breakdown in the private arms of her family. The best thing she did was go underground (the kids would have nothing to do with her) and stay silent – she did not say ONE bad thing about Tom and that would be in her favor to this day.

      Her Father, being a prominent Psychologist in Australia was also under fire because Scientology does not believe in Therapy OR any type of drugs to help with temporary emotional problems – he was also deemed as a “submissive person”. The Kidman family was heartbroken. I have always hoped this “reuniting” would happen with their Mother. She was patient and waited for them to have their own thoughts. She loves those kids beyond words and was advised well on what her moves were to be.

      Hopefully Tom will also wake up. This Cult makes Tom look like an ignorant idiot who’s under the spell of David Miscaviage. Unfortunately, they have a lot of “Audit” tapes from him, including all his secrets and nasty dirt on him to blackmail with. Yes…they blackmail and threaten. They have also blackmailed John Travolta. When he tried to leave the church – they went on damage control and leaked all kinds of stuff to every tabloid magazine, the main dirt being he was Gay and his marriage was an arranged ruse to protect his career. He popped right back up and quickly decided NOT to leave. The Documentary answers a lot of questions the public has been asking for a long time. I’ve followed this Cult for a long time now and they are VERY dangerous, especially if you want to leave. They are also desperate to keep their Cash Cows…the Celebrities. While you’re at it, Google David Miscavige’s wife Shelly, where is she? This woman has not been seen since 2007. Her close friends who have already left the church have demanded that they produce her! They say she is WILLINGLY in The Hole (worse than a Prison) doing 16 to 18 hours of manual labor per day and that she doesn’t want to see her CHILDREN or her family. With David Miscavige’s temper? I do believe she is dead. David own Father says he’s a Psychotic Paranoid Schizophrenic. He apparently makes L.Ron Hubbard look like a Romper Room teacher compared to his own megalomaniac personality. BTW – LRH was bat sh*t crazy!!! Reading his story ALONE is a trip to study!

      One of his most famous quotes was: “You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion”.

      1. Elizabeth says

        That’s why the cult is against everything that has to do with psychiatry, cause it was created by an insane son of a bitch. He knew that back then they’d probably lobotomize him for his nonsense.

  6. LfO says

    Nicole spend years devastated and crying / staying at friends’ after her twisted Mr Cruise had her first children brainwashed by the scientologists to believe their mother was a “subversive person” and to be shunned by anyone who believed in scientology. She had no access to her kids to discuss it with them without scientology minders watching over her and them. All her phone calls to them were monitored. She was left ruined hurt and lonely by that whole experience. Hopefully those kids will come in contact with real world people who let them know how much scientology manipulates members and their families, and why the damn cult is banned in European countries.

  7. Sara says

    I would think that after all the issues and problems with Tom and scientology and his wives that any derision towards Nicole Kidman would resolve itself. Scientology does not seem to give the other party an opportunity to have your children. That would certainly explain why kate Holmes arranged everything prior to separation.

    1. Virgilia Coriolanus says

      Yes, when you feel the need to use BURNER PHONES to get away from your husband and divorce him—there’s an issue. I would’ve thought that it would’ve gotten a lot more traction, at least in the domestic abuse circles, because that’s what it smacks of. My mom read about that, and she doesn’t read gossip at all.

      1. Paddy says

        YES, SHE does read gossip if she “read that”

        1. nunya says

          Don’t be so literal, her mother could have just stumbled upon it one day. It really is not that serious. What does it matter to you so much anyway? lol get a life please

        2. devs says

          Actually the story of Tom and Nicole was in reputable newspapers like The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, so she is correct in saying it wasn’t “gossip”. The break up was an International story due to the shadiness of Scientology.

  8. Doubtful says

    The Cruise kids are all grown up now and do what they wish. Their relationship with the so-called church was a very strong influence on their lives. Walking away at this point for either Conner or Bella would be difficult, at best. Even Tom has taken a quieter place as the CO$ has most likely instructed him to do in the wake of lawsuits, dissappearances, and the like. The Cruise children do not know what a ‘real ‘life is. They grew up in opulence, without barriers, and with ‘minders’ watching their every move. They are typical “Hollywood” kids who have always felt that they were entitled to whatever…their birthright so-to-speak. Their relationship with Nicole is cordial at best. Since she married Keith Urban, they have not been seen with them much at all. Bella one time in Australia (during her blue-haired phase)..and Connor has not been seen with Keith since the wedding.

  9. fivefeetunder says

    This article is dumb. Its title should be ”Connor Cruise Reconnecting with His Mom?”, since that’s what it’s about. There is no mention of Scientology anywhere in it save for a single flippant mentioning of ”minders” at the end. Yes, his reconnection with Kidman might mean he’s jumping the Scientology ship, but it also could just mean he’s become a country music/Keith Urban fan. Without any other corroborating info. it is all just idiotic speculation.
    Also, ”I know that if I had been Nicole, I would have been hurt that my own children didn’t want to spend time with me”? Bold statement.
    This writing is crap.

    1. SorryIReadThis says

      i have to admit the writing style of this blog is TERRIBLE. It’s all speculation with no facts and the writer just seems like a 10 year old trying to act like a genuine adult reporter. Give it up…

  10. Marc says

    Glad to see he is getting out of a cult like Scientology

  11. Jim says

    Calling the article crap is a touch strong, but more substance to the article would have been nice.

    Some light (very light) binging revealed: 1) Scientology is not banned in Europe, but is under scrutiny in Germany; most Germans hate it worse than we do. 2) Supporters and detractors of Scientology are banned from Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, both sides used “battlefield tactics”. Guess which side was worse. 3) Scientology has received some support by the US Government in lobbying Germany, banning a book critical of Scientology. I seriously doubt there is any real conspiracy to help the “religion”, just seems odd.

  12. Carol Reaby says

    I think that Tom has been a wonderful father to them. I once spoke to Connor Cruise on Twitter and I asked him “Is your father as good a father as I thin he is” and he answered ” My father is incrdible. No-one has a better father than I do. I think Nicole Kidman left her adopted children behind. Katie HOlmes had dueal custody. Nicole had this too but she never followed it up. Let us put blame where the blame shoud lie. Tom Cruise is not an evil person but a loving father and NIcole Kidman is not a loving mother.

    1. curious says

      and just how do you know this?? are you some authority? Just maybe no blame is needed to placed on anywhere

    2. jinky boo says

      you are an idiot go buy a brain at the brain store

  13. Carol Reaby says

    My spelling is not so bad. I am typing in the dark and therefore making mistakes. I just want to emphasis the Tom Cruise is the father that his adopted children chose over their adopted mother. I feel he gets a bad rap totally unfairly. Both his adopted children love himt to pieces and his Suri loves him as well. Let us not judge these people by magazine articles but instead by who they choose to love.

    1. Pamela Dominey says

      I am pretty sure that I read that some people who have left Scientology since Tom and Nicole’s divorce have talked about how the church brainwashed the kids and turned them against Nicole. It doesn’t appear that Tom was a very upstanding person in the situation with Nicole and the kids.

      1. devs says

        Tom had the children take a course that taught them their mother was an SP or “Suppressive Person”. They were terrified of her and told people they did not want to see her. That certainly fits the definition of “brain washing” and also parental alienation. The courts should have removed the children from Tom’s care, but Scientology is very wealthy and the amount of money it would take was more than any Attorney General was willing to spend. Scientology is on the decline, especially after Tom’s latest lawsuit and admission that Katie left due to Scientology and her fear that Suri would be influenced by it. Their latest campaign to make Leah Remini out to be insane was laughed at and the “church” lost a tremendous amount of respect and uncovered the “shunning” and breaking apart of families that happens when someone decides to leave. Nicole’s kids didn’t even go to their Grandfather’s funeral because Scientologist hate psychiatry and psychology and Nicole’s Dad was a highly regarded Clinical Psychologist in Australia. It’s an evil cult.

  14. Zinnia Coco says

    Carol – sad to have to work all hours in the dark. I bet you get tired.

  15. Reine says

    Nicole went through hell losing her kids because of Scientology which I feel is a cult. I was happy that she married Keith Urban & are good parents & are a happy family. Keith is the real deal, Tom is more of a phony. Scientology screws people up.

    1. Sushshaf says

      Does Scientology screw up people or are confused people drawn to it and hoodwinked by it?

  16. BusyBee says

    I just hope that Nicole has been able to move forward with her life, and it’s lovely connor is back in her life.

  17. Pamela says

    I am sure they’ll make their own decisions now that they’re adults.

  18. Tasos826 says

    Interesting and telling that faith holds priority in Connor’s life, and that he thinks about his relationship with God. Good for him.

    Naturally, I am pleased to read this news, because I personally believe that Scientology is a cult, and I would very much prefer that Connor pursue a bible-based, Jesus-centered Christian faith, through which he may apply his God-given gifts and talents in service of others to glorify God.

    May God draw Connor to His Son’s cross to learn about His resurrection, and why and how He paid the sin debts of those who come to take Him as their Lord and Savior, to save Connor from eternal damnation and liberate him to live eternally with God.

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

    1. dolly surprise says

      So you’d rather Connor replace one ridiculous religion/belief system with another? It’s better to find truth and happiness that is grounded in reality.

    2. SorryIReadThis says


    3. Marie says


  19. Pamela says

    I wonder what’s going on with Connor these days, hope he’s doing well!

  20. Intelligence says

    All of you calling Scientology a Cult have obviously not bothered to pick up a book by L. Ron Hubbard and read it or take a course or get auditing at the Church. ( Which has had to defend itself for forty years against the IRS and WON and was PROVEN to be a religion) Stop bashing Tom Cruise and stop bashing Scientology just because you don’t understand it. This is America! Freedom of Religion. Freedom of speech, too, so go ahead and talk, but really, you ought to get your facts straight. The title of this article is total BS. It had nothing about Conner leaving the Church. That was just an attention ploy by the writer and obviously it worked because few of you talked about the article, instead, I see a lot of Scientology bashing. Lots of people are Jewish and don’t attend Synagog and I know many who eat ham. Lots of Catholics don’t go every Sunday. I see PLENTY of Muslims in my country committing “Haram” (A sin against their religion) by wearing short sleeves and drinking alcohol and gambling and having sex before they are married. Leave religion out of it. That’s between a person and God, and by that I mean that person’s conception of God. And there are Atheists out there, too, and they have a right to believe there is no God. It’s between the person and themselves. Stop dragging it into everything. A person is as he behaves and how he behaves is how you will know him. I don’t see Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman behaving in a nasty evil way. Both moved on, both got busy working, and Katie Holmes too. And what business is it of ours anyway? Because they are celebrities? We think we have a right to be all in their private lives? The media makes money off of SCANDAL. Every headline in order to get people worked up and to buy their magazine has to have SEX, BIG MONEY, CONTROVERSY, and promotes scandal. So shame on yourselves for falling for that crap. You don’t know Tom. You don’t know Nicole. Those of you ridiculing Scientology don’t know Scientology. Millions of people are getting help there and good for them. Stop listening to the one Psycho who left because he was a criminal and was found out and told he had to clean up his act or get out. (Which ANY respectable church would do by the way-insist a person get ethical or get out. Such as all the Priests in other religions who seem to like little boys!) They few people you hear ranting, well, that’s them. Criminal and don’t want to stop being criminal so attack those that try to help them. Wake up people. Worry about your own damned life and stop this crazy speculation and name calling.

    1. jaded says

      Aw honey, you need to get back to mopping the floor on Sea Org.

    2. Shane says

      Scientology is a joke. And yes, I read Hubbard’s insane book. But I agree, it’s definitely a “religion” just like all other religions in which you believe in something that doesn’t really exist.

    3. dolly surprise says

      The freedom of speech you used to defend Scientology also means the rest of us are free to say whatever we want about Scientology as well. If Scientology wants respect, it should operate as a respectful organization. It doesn’t, and we’re free to point this out in the hopes that other people won’t be victimized by this “church”.

    4. Geanine jones says

      Kirstie………is that YOU? Your TONE sounds a wee bit angry. People that make a personal CHOICE, to become actors automatically surrender ALL PRIVACY, comes with the territory, sorry. Any person that is FORCED, to disassociate from people who CHOOSE to leave, hmmmm, sends up a GIANT RED FLAG. I believe all organized religion is for weak people who have to be INSTRUCTED, to be MORAL, KIND, LOVING, humans. Religion=judgments, pure and simple. I believe in God, but because of FAITH. Being SUCKED INTO, any organized RELIGION, is surrendering a person’s mind/ free-will. Do the Math. And as far as Tom and Nicole’s children go, God bless them, THEY DIDN’T GET TO CHOOSE ANYTHING…:'(

    5. OT7 says

      You are obviously apart of the occult or you would not be defending such trash! Hubbard was nothing more than a fraud and scam artist and YOU are dumb enough to believe its a religion ha! It is a money making scam, thats why they even had a secret project to target celebs as new recruits, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY TO HAVE SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO BE “CLEAR” IN ORDER TO BE ENLIGHTENED! CRAZY CRUISE SHOULD BE HIS NAME AND GAY TRAVOLTA ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE IDIOTS AND SERIOUSLY NEED A REAL LIFE!

  21. Katy says

    I find it ironic that people who know nothing about cults and cult practices, make comments about how the children “chose” Nicole. Please do your due diligence and research how Scientology operates before making comments about how people, (both children and adults) make life decisions.
    Even adults are not “free” to just leave the organization.
    I have experience in this matter, so I speak from first hand knowledge.

    1. jaded says

      So they’re hostages? Good to know.

  22. Winn says

    Connor looks So-o-o-o-o- much like Tom Cruise. I wonder if he is ACTUALLY Tom’s biological child adopted so that he (Connor ) could legally benefit from Tom’s success without having to explain having a child outside of his marriage…. not to mention the repercussions from the Church of Scientology. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

    1. nunya says

      That kid looks NOTHING like Tom Cruise. That kid is clearly half black..

  23. ProfessorTruth says

    L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who did some interesting work. I have read ALL of it. When he decided to be the “high priest” of a CULT that has practiced violence against opponents (such as putting a rattle snake in a mail box). It is little different from the cult whose leader took them to South America and then had them poisoned for GOD (his version).

    Anyone subscribing to or supporting Scientology (NOT scientific) is only slightly different from the Germans who supported Hitler in the 1930s (before the War and Holocaust).

  24. Brianna says

    What a horrible article. Where are the quotes from the interview to back up your story? Terrible journalism if you ask me.

  25. JD says

    I have read each of the posts. The main issue, Nicole’s children have decided on their own (I hope) to see THEIR mother.

    Regarding parents that live in a high profile file, it is a chosen line of work. Choosing this field of WORK, they knew their lives would never be private. This is part of the job. The public provides their wealth. Their children did not chose this life, but it was chose for them.

    Just like Conner and his sister, they are adults now; they are making their own decisions in life.

  26. nunya says

    umm… am I the only one who notices that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruises “BIOLOGICAL” son between them, is half black???

    1. Amr Rossi says

      You’re the only one who doesn’t know he’s adopted.

  27. jane says

    Cant be serious that these spoilt people al ur attention. What have they achieved?. Average kids have prob achieved more without al the sooils of rich mummy and daddy. The rruth. The end

  28. jane says

    And thats the truth…yip typn in dark. Soz. But im more amazed at the efforts kids do in their futures without rich olds. Thats the realy cool kids thats strength of character. Spoilt kids r wel what rich olds moneys makes them to be. Just my opinion tho.

  29. jane says

    The real heros in our world r the parents who raise their kids with love and kindnes….doctors and nurses who dedicate more than anyone to their daunting carers.

  30. jane says

    Id looove to no what bond u realy hav with ur child if uv used nannies alot?. Think bout it

  31. jane says

    Oh and plse leave his wieight alone. Isnt our world more educated by now about things like eatting disorders and how they can be caused. We r al diferent….we should enjoy food…hear that fashion designers. Make clothes with picturrs of cakes and hotdogs i say…go connot cruise…enjo

  32. Chris L says

    It’s unbelievable how many internet blogs post incredibly misleading titles for their articles, in an attempt to get views. Not even ONCE did it mention ANYTHING about Scientology in the article, yet the title is “Connor Cruise Jumping Ship From Scientology?”??? You guys are pathetic.

  33. Sue says

    Tom and Nicole love their children so much
    Let them enjoy

    Leave them alone

  34. hei says

    This is written like a third grader writes!!! First paragraph ends with “Which I think is good.” Not a sentence! What do you think is good? His dad had his thumb on him, or he is seeing his mom,,,ugh just awful.

  35. Charles says

    “I hope that Nicole carves out more time to see her oldest children–even if she has to fly out to see them.”

    Revelations like this should have some purpose based on fact. first we cannot trust the lack of supporting facts. This writer is all up in Nicole’s business. Al up in there.

  36. skyygirl61 says

    Seriously people? I lived in Clearwater, Florida. The home of Scientology. If you wanted to see or find out what it was about, you had to leave identification at the door. If you were affiliated with any other religious organization, you needed to sign an affidavit that you would NOT condemn the church based on your own beliefs. You also needed to fill out a “tithe” statement before walking the halls. I certainly wish I could produce one of those for you, however, the camera system in that place is more serious than Fort Knox. . .I tend to believe those that have been through it. Its pretty darn scary to be in that area.

  37. Angie says

    Why is this anyone’s buisness for even one moment? The man makes movies, so go see them or not,and end it! It’s so sad what a pop culture world we now live in,I hate turning on a computer to e mail family and have to hit next as fast as I can,I hate to even see it,I read this(big mistake) I will Never do it again!!!!!

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