Justin Bieber Reconciling With Selena Gomez So She Won’t Testify Against Him In Assault Case Against Paparazzi

Justin Bieber Reconciling With Selena Gomez So She Won’t Testify Against Him In Assault Case Against Paparazzi

It looks like Selena Gomez may really be taking Justin Bieber back after the couple’s disastrous and very public crash and burn earlier this year.  Not only did Justin Bieber cheat on Selena with various women, he allegedly got her hooked on drugs and landed her a first-class trip to rehab, and then slammed the pop singer in leaked text messages telling her that she would have been a nobody if she hadn’t dated him.  Ouch!

Just when we thought Selena was finally going to put her foot down and leave Biebs for good, she did the exact opposite.  We knew something was up on Oscar’s weekend when Justin tweeted a photo of Selena on the red carpet and labeled her the “most elegant princess.”  Now, Radar Online is reporting that Justin and Selena were photographed eating breakfast together at a restaurant in Texas yesterday, March 7th.  While Selena was with Justin she took to social media to tell her followers how much she “missed this.”  (We’re assuming we meant Justin, not breakfast.)

The fact that Selena Gomez is actually taking Justin Bieber back, is just sad, what is even sadder is she doesn’t see right through his sudden change of heart.  Justin had no intention of reconciling with Selena, he flaunted Chantel Jeffries around intentionally to prove he was over his relationship with Gomez.  Ironically the same week that he was dragged to a deposition regarding the assault charges he and his security team is facing from an incident last June and it was revealed that Selena Gomez may have to testify against Bieber, Justin made a grand romantic gesture and surprised Selena in Texas.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize Justin is clearly buttering Selena up before court, less than a month ago he could care less about his ex-girlfriend.

Do you think Justin Bieber is trying to smooth things over with Selena before she has to testify in court against him, or do you think that his motives are actually genuine and he still cares for her?

  1. DD says

    these two just will never be able to live without each other.

  2. BusyBee says

    This woman need to just leave this child alone. He is just below her.

  3. MK says

    Remember when we all told Katie Holmes to run from Tom Cruise, I think we need to use that same tactic on Selena, she needs to get herself far away from Justin Bieber!

  4. Erin says

    Co-dependent anyone? Hopefully she can break free of his tiny handed charm.

  5. Pamela says

    Isn’t Robert Pattinson single? Even that would be a better idea.

  6. Janelle says

    They reconciled because they are both idiots. She for taking him back, him for being such a douche.

  7. Allie says

    She’s a fool, and he’s an idiot. Seriously, what does she see in him?

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