#RichKids of Beverly Hills Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick Want To Move In Together (VIDEO)

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick Want To Move In Together (VIDEO)

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick, a few of the ‘stars’ off of the oh so amazing and groundbreaking reality show, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, were apparently planning to move in together, except Brendan’s mama, Susan, says not without that ring on her finger. Morgan agrees with her, Brendan says no way.

Personally, I have no feelings about moving in with someone when we’re not engaged. I don’t really see that as a big deal. But as a couple it’s your decision. I’m just side eyeing both of these people because they aren’t ‘kids’. They aren’t even teens. Morgan looks like she’s in her mid twenties, and Brendan looks like he’s pushing forty with that strategically combed, receding hairline. So seriously, they’re already rich (supposedly), do they need to be dumb and air their fights on a reality show too?

They can’t even tell their kids (if they’re even going to be together long enough to make babies, based on the clip of the show discussing them moving in, I doubt that–he seems to think he’s a lot smarter than her) that they were young and dumb when they did it. They’re old enough to know that you want to make a fool of yourself in an audience of few, not millions of people and documented on camera.

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  1. Janelle says

    Kids shouldn’t be moving in together. Silly kids, trying to be adults.

  2. Allie says

    No good can come from putting rich kids on TV.

  3. DD says

    This isn’t a good idea by any means. I see rehab coming soon for someone.

  4. MK says

    I tried to watch this show but I just couldn’t bear it, everyone on it is so obnoxious, ugh!

  5. Pamela says

    Sounds like a horrible show, why should we care just because they’re rich?

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