Tanning Do’s and Don’ts

Tanning Do's and Don'ts

With spring and summer coming up we are all looking to get that great sun kissed look. Unfortunately these days women will go to extreme lengths to get themselves as tan as they would like! Well, it is extremely important for us to tan correctly and safely because if not, you can develop skin diseases and skin cancer. So here are some tips on how to tan properly and safely!

  • Exfoliate first! Exfoliating all the dead skin off before you tan is extremely important because our skin is constantly shedding so it is necessary to remove all the dead skin cells first before doing any type of tanning.
  • Moisturise your skin the correct way. It is important to moisturize your skin before AND after you tan. This is important because when you tan you are essentially removing moisture from your skin cause it to be very dry. It is important to always have moisture in your skin to keep it nice and healthy.
  • Make sure to always use a tanning lotion that will benefit your skin. It is important to always use a tanning lotion that is going to get you tan, moisturize your skin, yet wont cause you to BURN. If you use a lotion that has a low SPF in it you will protect your skin and still achieve your tan that you would like.
  • Refrain from tanning your face too long! Tanning your face for a long time can cause dark spots, wrinkle lines, and premature aging within your skin! You don’t want that right?! You can always use a bronzing powder to make your face match the rest of your body!

Don’t risk your skin to be tanner!

  1. BusyBee says

    Wow, I have not tanned in years! I am so pale I would not know where to start. Thank you for the tips!

  2. Amber Nelson says

    I have not tanned in years either. I’m scared of the tanning beds.

  3. Pamela says

    Great tips, I am so bad at doing fake tan, I always end up looking patchy.

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