Taylor Swift Dumps Selena Gomez As Her Bestie In Wake of Bieber-Gate


According to sources, talking exclusively to US Weekly, Taylor Swift has cut the cord of friendship between herself and her near sister, Selena Gomez—just after Selena Gomez reunited with with her on again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. US Weekly reports that Taylor hates that they’re back together, no doubt because of Bieber’s ongoing and recent run-ins with the law, and otherwise douchebaggery behaviour ( Who eggs their neighbour’s house when you live in a neighbourhood with houses worth millions?).

Taylor Swift is a lot of things. She may be all sparkles and rainbows with her boyfriends while they’re together, and then brings out the big guns once they break up, via song lyrics, but one thing she isn’t sparkles and rainbows about is her money. She knows what sells with her demographic and what doesn’t. She’s just crossed over in the pop genre, and wants to stay there. She has actual talent (I’m not a huge fan of her, but chick can actually sing live), while Selena is lacking in that department. Selena doesn’t know that Selena should be grateful for her record deal, because Selena is pretty and was/is dating Justin Bieber (which made her popular with the tweens and other idiots that follow Bieber)—that’s Selena’s career in a nutshell. Selena doesn’t get this–Swifty, for all her rainbow unicorn nonsense probably knows this, and was trying to warn her friend.

Selena wasn’t trying to hear any of that. Selena’s going places. Because Selena’s with a ‘bad boy’. Selena’s got a record deal. Selena’s cancelling tours left and right. If she isn’t careful, between her cancelled tour, because of her health (which I guess was code for ‘I want to go and wait for the Biebs to quit screwing around with crazy models that have been convicted of assault’, cough), and this association with her douchey boyfriend–Selena’s gonna wish that she had taken Swifty’s advice.

Listen to Swifty Selena–she knows that Bieber’s messing with your money. It might not be apparent now, but it will be in a little bit. And Swifty doesn’t mess around with money. She knows what she’s talking about.

  1. Janelle says

    She’s a BS friend if she dumps her over Bieber. This is a time to encourage her to run.

  2. Allie says

    Taylor Swift is annoying, I’m sure Selena is better off without.

  3. MK says

    If I was Taylor Swift, I’d drop Selena as a friend too, I don’t know why she can’t just quit Justin Bieber who is such a tool, I can’t stand him!

  4. BusyBee says

    Good for Taylor. Sometimes you can only be supportive for so long then you just have to take care of you.

  5. Shiny says

    You know you’re in trouble when Taylor Swift drops YOU.

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