Tips for High Heels being more Comfortable

Tips for High Heels being more ComfortableA girl’s best friend is her shoes, right? At least for me it is! I have a shoe addiction and it won’t stop any time soon! It is so crazy! I just can’t stop! Every time I see a cute pair of shoes, I HAVE to have them, so then I go right ahead and buy them! And then you end up with an unbelievably crazy amount of shoes! So, being that a lot of those shoes are heels. My feet were hurting a lot of the time. Heels can be so uncomfortable, I never understood when people would say, “Oh these heels are so comfortable, they don’t hurt at all” I always just assumed they were lying! Then I picked up on these tips for heels being more comfortable and haven’t had problems since! So, here’s a few tips and tricks when it comes to selecting the correct heels and wearing them comfortably.

1. Choose the right heels for you, make sure they fit correctly! Wearing any shoes, but let alone heels in the wrong size could be very dangerous as well as extremely uncomfortable. You want a shoe that is snug to your foot, but not squeezing your foot so bad, but also not a pair that you’re walking out of every two minutes. So make sure your heels fit, but don’t fit too tight.

2. Break in your heels! Your heels will NEVER become comfortable for you to wear if you don’t break them in! Whether that be wearing them around your house while you clean throughout the day, stretching them out with your hands, something! Anyway, break them in! It will help!

3. Use foot inserts! Dr.Scholl’s or whatever brand you prefer, inserts are your friend! You may think they will not help, but trust me, they will! The gel inserts are the best because they provide your feet with a jelly cushion to rest on all day!

4. Don’t Walk in them for really long extended periods of time! Don’t wear heels for a day of all day shopping, or to an amusement park or something along those lines. They are not suitable to be wearing for an all day event. Wear them to a nice dinner or something so you look good walking in but then you get to sit down and not worry about hurting your feet!

5. Don’t wear heels that are too high if you can’t handle them! Just because you LOVE those 6 inch stilettos, doesn’t mean you can handle walking in them. if you put them on, try walking and look like some sort of deranged animal trying to walk in them, they are not good for you! So don’t even bother trying to get them!

  1. Nikki says

    Great tips, I have stopped wearing high heels because they cause me so many problems.

  2. Janelle says

    These are awesome colors… I could take a pair in each color.

  3. Allie says

    I love neons and I love chunky toes. These shoes are great.

  4. Pamela says

    Great tips, I always find heels so hard to wear and so painful!

  5. BusyBee says

    I had to go with lower heels in the past few years. My hips couldn’t take the strain!

  6. DD says

    I just quit wearing heels because I’m starting to get pain in my feet.

  7. Shiny says

    I find that if I don’t wear heels for a week or two or longer that it’s harder to walk in them.

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