16 Surprising Uses For Cucumbers

16 Surprising Uses For Cucumbers
Cucumbers are a delicious vegetable! They are extremely good for you and aid in a lot of things in your everyday life! They’re great not only for eating, but you could put them in water, or even use them for beauty usage! I know, I know, you’re probably really confused as to how cucumbers can be so useful for you! Well, that’s what I’m here for! To tell you how! Here a few different ways that you can use cucumbers in your everyday lives!

1. Cucumbers are really good for the age defying effect! Cucumbers help to tighten the collagen in your skin, therefore resulting in less wrinkles for you down the road and here’s to being forever young!

2. Headache Relief: Cucumbers are really good for those of us who experience really painful headaches! Since cucumbers contain so much Vitamin B, it helps reduce the chance of having headaches! If you experience a lot of headaches, start eating more cucumbers!

3.Cucumbers can double for aloe vera! Therefore, if you have a sunburn and don’t have any aloe, no problem! Just take a cucumber and rub it over your burns, it will make your body much cooler and help reduce the pain and redness of the burn!

4. Cucumbers are great for helping repel any bugs you may have! If you leave cucumbers out, you will have much less bugs floating around your house being pests!

5. Cucumbers are great if you have bad breath! If you let it sit in your mouth it essentially soaks up all the bacteria in your mouth that is causing your breath to smell bad, forget the mints cucumbers are on their way up!

6. Cucumbers surprisingly are a double for WD 40! I know, I just said that, it’s true! Since cucumbers are so full of water, they are great for reducing squeaking! You can rub a cucumber on a rusty, squeaky door and you will have no more squeakiness!

7. Make your shoes shiny by rubbing those cucumbers on your shoes!

8. If you have little kiddos who like to draw on the walls with crayons, if you rub a cucumber on the wall it will take the crayon right off! No worries!

9. If you are backed up with digestion, cucumbers are basically like if you used prune juice or anything with a lot of fiber, it will relieve any backing up you may be experiencing!

10. Don’t have a vent in your bathroom? No problem! Take a cucumber and rub it all over your bathroom mirror, when you take a shower your mirror will not fog up like it normally would!

11. Cucumbers are great for those who are older and have high cholesterol, eating them regularly will keep the cholesterol at a good number, cucumbers and cheerios are a great team for cholesterol!

12. Great for removing tarnish from any sinks or stainless steel appliances within the kitchen!

13. Cucumbers not only help with cholesterol but also with blood pressure! Eat them regularly for lower blood pressure!

14. Since cucumbers are filled with electrolytes they are great for when you need an energy boost!

15. If you boil cucumbers and then allow the steam from the boiled water, it will clean your pores and you will have baby soft clear skin!

16. Cucumbers are great if you’re on a diet and looking for crunchy fix! They’re delicious and will satisfy your craving!

  1. DD says

    Cucumbers are great. I love them for my saggy eyes.

  2. Allie says

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea there were so many uses for cucumbers.

  3. Janelle says

    and here I thought they were only good in a salad.

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