Brooklyn Beckham’s Modeling Debut: Covers Man Aboutown Magazine

Brooklyn Beckham's Modeling Debut: Covers Man Aboutown Magazine

Looking through these pictures–I hadn’t known Victoria and David Beckham’s son Brooklyn Beckham was so cute. Give him a few more years and he’ll have ‘heartthrob’ status–and will be actually better looking for it. For me, these pictures are a little ‘meh’, because his expression is the same in all of the pictures, the ‘I’m SO gorgeous and bored’ expression, but he’s cute.

But as long as he looks sufficiently broody and James Dean-ish, then the magazine won’t care, because I bet all of the girls his age go gaga over him–this cover is no exception. Young teenage girls have thought lesser beings were hotter (Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, for one), so I’m fine with this.

And blah, blah, nepotism. Everyone profits from some kind of nepotism in Hollywood and the fashion world. We’ll see how far he wants to go with this, when he’s older. I hope he becomes a soccer player, like his dad.


  1. DD says

    He definitely looks like his mother!

  2. BusyBee says

    oh my goodness he is so cute! He is going to be major trouble for sure

  3. Shiny says

    He looks like a total and complete spoiled brat.

  4. Nikki says

    He looks like he is going to be trouble.

  5. Erin says

    Very cute kid, but I agree his face screams self entitled brat.

    1. Jen says

      hahaha I was thinking the same. And also, agree with Janelle, he shaved his armpits. How weird.

  6. Allie says

    I’m not impressed, he looks constipated just like his mother.

  7. Janelle says

    Does he shave his armpits? He literally has no hair, surely his mother isn’t encouraging this for modeling.

  8. Jocelyn says

    Wow – he looks a lot like BOTH parents, doesnt’ he?

  9. Sarah says

    How do any if you know how Brooklyn acts? Have any of you met him? I don’t think so! Making assumptions about people is not very mature. Brooklyn may be one of the nicest people in the world and you wouldnt even know!

  10. Jocelyn says

    Wow – he’s growing up! I feel so old…dang!

  11. Ella says

    He looks both like his mother and father! And to the people who said he is spoilt: how do u know? are you stalking him or something? he can’t be a spoilt brat just because of a picture!!!

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