Elle Fanning Praises Co-Star, Angelina Jolie

I’m not surprised to read this about Angelina Jolie. Say what you will about her, she has never been anything but professional when she’s working, and I’ve never heard a bad story about her being a diva or anything. I’m glad that Elle had a good experience working with her. I would’ve freaked out, and just would’ve been downright weird if I had met Angelina, let alone had to work with her. But I guess the nervousness also fades away when you meet and spend a lot of time with the person.

I also like what Elle Fanning said because she was so specific about working with Angelina. You know, you hear stories about working with a certain actor is difficult, but then the cast can’t really say anything without trashing them (while promoting a film, no less), so then you get a generic ‘Oh, he/she was great to work with. They’re very talented and we had fun’…which is fine in it, of itself–but then when you combine that, with the rumors of a certain actor being a diva or an a-hole, then I tend to believe the rumors.

One great example would be when Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, during the promotion of the Dark Knight Rises, were asked about working with all of their costars–Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale(sigh), Tom Hardy (drools), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They were full of praise of everyone–except when they got to Joseph. It was a big pause, and then Morgan Freeman said something along the lines of ‘He’s great. What can I say?’….yeah. I’m believing those rumors of Joseph being an a-hole/jerk.

So I’m glad that Elle had a great time, and that Angelina isn’t an a-hole. All is well in the world.

  1. Jocelyn says

    I have to say I can’t wait to see this movie – I hope it’s good!

    1. Virgilia Coriolanus says

      Me too! I love Disney movies–I’m someone who watches Hunchback of Notre Dame ALL THE TIME, and I’m a sucker for a good villain….and I love backstories. Maleficent is a pretty one dimensional character, in the original fairytale, so it’ll be cool to see her story.

  2. Shiny says

    OF COURSE a young actress is gonna kiss angie’s feet.

    1. BusyBee says

      I agree. She has watched her sister in the business for long enough, and been in it herself to know the rules.

      1. Shiny says

        And in fairness – she looks old enough for Angie to think she’s her contemporary.

  3. Pamela says

    Elle is going to be such a big name for a long time if she plays her cards right.

  4. Allie says

    She’s such a cute girl. I wish her much success

  5. Janelle says

    She looks a great deal like Dakota, just softer around the edges.

  6. Nikki says

    Elle is smart she knows to say the right things at the right time! Good for her!

  7. DD says

    She is kissing the right person’s butt!

  8. Janelle says

    I see Elle going further with her career than Dakota.

  9. Allie says

    I’m looking forward to seeing how well she does at acting.

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