Hayden Panettiere Kicked Off Heroes Reboot

Hayden Panettiere Kicked Off Heroes Reboot

Hayden Panettiere, lately of Nashville fame recently revealed in an interview for Cosmopolitan that she wasn’t even told that there was going to be a reboot of the hit tv show, Heroes,until her cousin texted her. Here’s what she said:

“It was a shock to me,” the Nashville star says, adding that she found out about the reboot through the grapevine. “In fact, I believe I became privy to that through my cousin. She sent me a text message and told me about it.”

She goes on to say this:

“I mean, we had nothing, nothing to do with it,” she says of the reboot. “It will definitely be interesting to see how they reinvent that.”

And this:

When asked to speculate over what Claire has been up to, Panettiere responds with a simple “Who knows?” She explains, “It’s a little bit of an interesting feeling because you go, ‘That was our show, our home, our family,’ something that we had a major part in creating,” adding that it would hurt if the reboot were to bring back its original characters.“I mean, I hope that they don’t have somebody else playing our characters,” she quips, adding, “that would be a little dagger in the heart. But, you never know. I wish them success in it, for sure.”

Well, that was sort of a classy way to talk about it–she didn’t burn any bridges with her comments, I don’t think. But she made sure that people knew that she didn’t know about the reboot (which is why I said it was ‘sort of classy’), which, if it was me, I would err on the side of graciousness.

Because what does her not even being told about the reboot tell us about her? That someone powerful enough in the show (whether that be actor, producer, director, etc) didn’t like her enough to bring back her character, even though she was supposedly the standout castmember, and didn’t like her enough as a person to tell her agent that they would be rebooting the show (to prepare her for an appropriate response).

I’ve been hearing that Hayden is a little snooty so and so, and thought that she was better/ more famous than the rest of the cast (which, the show had Zachary Quinto–I fully admit to only watch American Horror Story because he’s hot and was in the show). I don’t know too much about her, so I wouldn’t be surprised either way–especially with the way the producers treated her. Either they’re all a-holes (I mean, not ONE person could’ve had their secretary’s secretary call her agent and say ‘hey, we’re doing a reboot, and not including Hayden’s character. Peace out.’????), or SHE’S the a-hole.

But I kind of cut her a little slack (not really, I don’t care enough about her to even do that), because she’s engaged to that hot boxer–Wladimir Kitschko. I only watch her interviews when she’s talking about him. Yes, I am that person who watches movies/tv shows, sometimes because of the hotness of the actor. I fully admit to watching The Shield simply because I find Walton Goggins hot as Boyd in Justified.

  1. Janelle says

    It has to be an issue of money. She was really good on the show.

    1. Virgilia Coriolanus says

      I would say that maybe she did want more money, but I don’t think that would be a good move for her to say that no one told her about the reboot, when it really was that she wanted more money. That would not be a smart move at all. Especially since it would be so EASY to refute.

      All the producer would have to do is say that she was being greedy and wanted way more money than all the other cast members–remember, this is in an interview, not a tabloid.

      So I think that she definitely burned some bridges with someone powerful at that show, because I definitely think that she’s really talented and cute.

  2. Allie says

    The second season sucked. It’s doubtful that this is a wise decision.

  3. DD says

    I don’t think this is a good idea. Although my hubby is watching the original now.

  4. BusyBee says

    I remember hearing that she was a total diva on the TV show, so it doesn’t surprise me that she wasn’t asked back.

  5. Pamela says

    Probably best to avoid it and do something bigger if she can.

  6. Jen says

    I know this is unfair, but I honestly find Hayden as irritating as a mosquito in summer.

  7. Lg says

    I think at the time she talked about not knowing about the reboot most actors didn’t know that this would happen. To the money she earns on nashville less then on heores and has no problem with it. If she appeared on heroes reborn then just for an episode or so. They didn’t call her until now bc of her bad behaviour on set during the original heroes series. But she has changed much since then. They really should call her back.

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