Karate Kid 2 Starring Jackie Chan And Jaden Smith In The Works – Sequel Lands New Director

Karate Kid 2 Starring Jackie Chan And Jaden Smith In The Works – Sequel Lands New Director

Remaking iconic Hollywood movies is often met with skepticism from fans, there is always a chance that the remake could turn out to be a mockery of the original and an embarrassment to the franchise.  When Sony Pictures remade the 1984 movie Karate Kid in 2010, it was no exception, fans of the Karate Kid worried that is may turn out to be a flop. The 2010 remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (the son of Will Smith) actually turned out to be the opposite of a flop, the film grossed $343 Million at the box office.

The first weekend of Karate Kid’s debut in theaters it became clear that Sony had a hit on their hands, and they announced there would be a Karate Kid 2.  After the hype of Karate Kid died down in 2010, the idea of Karate Kid 2 seemed to die down as well, frankly we had all forgotten about it.

Today, it was announced that the sequel is a go, and Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are both preparing to begin filming Karate Kid 2.  Harald Zwart directed the 2010 remake, and according to Deadline he is being replaced by director Breck Eisner, who is well known for his work on the horror movie The Crazies.

Will you be heading to the movie theaters to watch Karate Kid 2 when it is released?  Or, do you believe it was one of those classic movies that shouldn’t have been tinkered with and remade after the fact?  Let us know what you think the comment section below.

  1. DD says

    This does not appeal to me. Nothing better than the original.

  2. CJ says

    The first reboot only did well off of brand recognition…
    But people were not very impressed with it… with average reviews around 6/10. There were just too many flaws in it and it didn’t respect the artistic integrity of the original film. They basically made an entirely different movie and just used the name “Karate Kid” for money, totally disrespecting the original film. A reboot is supposed to be a retelling of the same story, but simply revised… like The Jungle Book remake Disney did.

    I just think another Karate Kid will fail dismally.

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