Miley Cyrus In The Hospital


Miley Cyrus was rushed to the hospital, yesterday after having a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics that she was taking. It’s not too surprising, because she was also tweeting a few days before that, that she had a cold that just wouldn’t go away. Which sucks, especially if you’re on tour. I’ve also heard that a lot of people have horrible allergic reactions to penicillin, and other antibiotics, so it’s good that she was rushed to the hospital as quick as possible. I’m just glad that I’ve never been sick enough to have to go to the hospital.

  1. DD says

    This really makes me wonder though. What is she really in there for?

    1. Virgilia Coriolanus says

      That IS the question. I didn’t want to insinuate anything, but we’ve seen this before with celebrities–go into rehab for ‘exhaustion’ (Leann Rimes, for example), when she’s really stuffing laxatives down her stomach, and had the misfortune of having one of her step kids accidentally eat one of them.

      But in this case, I’d kinda believe it’s true, because she’s been making out with random people a lot (and illnesses carry), and she also had someone’s thong in her mouth a while ago (a fan threw it at her on stage), so who knows what she’s carrying around. Gross.

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