Shailene Woodley Stunning At Divergent Berlin Premiere (PHOTO)

Here is Shailene Woodley in Zuhair Murad for the Berlin premiere of Divergent yesterday. The gown is pretty, very basic, but reads as very, very mature on her–it is also very repetitive and dated for the designer. I kept trying to think of WHERE I had seen this look before, before realizing that this was the same designer that did JLo’s gown for the Oscars a few years ago. The shoulder pads are almost the same. JLo can pull it off; Shailene can’t. I think what might’ve made the look a little better is if she had a drop necklace for her cleave–maybe an emerald, or gold.

The good news is that Shailene doesn’t have to talk while posing for photos on the red carpet, so she is considerately less annoying. I almost don’t feel like smacking her face in these pictures. She still annoys me though. I don’t buy her ‘Mother Earth-I-want-to-save-the-earth-and-be-a-regular-person-who-happens-to-be-an-actress’—people who believe in all that, don’t sign onto a George Clooney film, what should be a HUGE franchise (cough, we’ll see), or endlessly name drop Jennifer Lawrence and/or Twilight in interviews. Her PR person must be busy.

  1. Pamela says

    Wow, this is the best she has ever looked – just perfect.

  2. DD says

    She looks amazing! I love her look here.

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