Urban Decay “Naked 3” Spring Nighttime Smokey Look


Start by priming those eyelids! This is important for not only the length and wear of the eyeshadow but to give these beautiful colors even more pigment! Start by blending Limit into your crease and above, this will be your transition color, I use a large fluffy blending brush (Sigma E40) blend blend blend, windshield wiper motions, next pat (yes pat, don’t rub! We want to pack it on!) Buzz all over your lid any flat shader brush should work!

Don’t take this color all the way up to your crease, just below! Next your going to use a smaller blending/crease brush (sigma e25) and take Nooner and start working it into that crease, start at the outer corner then work your way inward so that the deepest of the color is on the outer V area, do not take it as high as Limit, then I’m gonna take another crease brush and take Blackheart and keep that to the outer V area only, blending blending blending, NO harsh lines! This is important for a seamless look!

I’m gonna pop Burnout just on the center of my lid to give more of a pop, then I’m using Strange as my brow highlight and in my inner tear duct to make my eyes appear wider. I’m using Nooner and Buzz mixed for my lower lash line, also putting black liner into my waterline and using a gel black eyeliner for the top and making a wing eyeliner look, pop on some mascara and or falsies and go!


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  1. BusyBee says

    Oh I love this look! But I always have such a hard time making both my eyes look ok.

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