Cody Simpson Breaks Up With Model Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Another day goes by, another young Hollywood romance breaks apart. This time, singer Cody Simpson has broken up with his model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. Cody and Gigi started dating last year, and they went public pretty much immediately after. However, rumors of trouble in paradise quickly cropped up again and again, especially over the last few months. And it looks like the rumors were accurate, because Gigi and Cody have now broken up.

Apparently, it was the distance apart and their busy schedules that caused the split, with Cody’s rep telling E! Online, “Living on opposite coasts has made it nearly impossible for the two of them to give the relationship the attention that it needs. They decided that rather than let things sour that they split up in hopes that their lives might someday bring them back together. They remain close friends and will continue to show their support for one and other.”

Cody’s teen fans are probably ecstatic with this news, especially since he doesn’t seem to have rebounded with anyone just yet. However, distance and busy schedules are always a difficult hurdle for couples to overcome, especially in the entertainment industry. Imagine your significant other is famous, wealthy, and attractive – and also surrounded by other very attractive people, and you’re not there. It obviously eats away at commitment and trust, and considering how young Cody and Gigi were, I don’t think they were ready to be in such a relationship.

Of course, there’s always a chance for reconciliation, which is very common with young couples. Do you guys think that Gigi and Cody will get back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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