High Heel Lovers: Four Tips For Better Foot Health

High Heel Lovers: Four Tips For Better Foot Health

Anyone who has been wearing high heels for any length of time knows the dangers of wearing them as we age. Podiatrist refer to it as “old lady syndrome”… it is the tightening of the Achilles tendon. The problem is, elderly ladies aren’t the only ones visiting the podiatrist with Achilles tendon pain anymore.

My friend, Leann started wearing heels regularly as a young teen. By the time she was twenty-five she was no longer able to wear sneakers, and even found herself wearing small heeled shoes during theme park vacations. She was twenty-eight when she started physical therapy for tendon shortening. She was twenty-eight being treated for a condition associated with elderly women.

Three mornings each week she started her day with fifteen minutes on a bicycle, slowly and strategically stretching her tendons. Afterwards, her therapist would manipulate and stretch her lower legs and begin her exercises.

What can you do?

  1. The exercises shown above can be performed in your home. Anyone who is wearing high heels more than twice a week needs to add them into their exercise routine at the gym, while you are watching the kids play, or while you are unwinding from your day. It takes less than five minutes – there are no excuses to skip them!
  2. Go Barefoot! In an article presented on Fox News, Jacqueline Tozzi learned that “By exercising barefoot, you can actually promote your sense of balance, improve muscle alignment, reduce orthopedic pains, and lessen the chance of injury.”
  3. Love your feet by getting regular pedicures. Pedicures don’t just make your feet look good, they are also beneficial for overall foot health and prevent high heel related fungus, bunions, corns, and ingrown nails (for those who like a pointed toe).
  4. Switch up your shoe collection. Flats can be just as fashionable as your favorite heel, you just need to open up to them. Commit to wearing flats to work twice a week and never wear heels on casual days and weekends.
  5. If you must wear heels check out our story – Tips for High Heels being more Comfortable.

Already experiencing high heel related pain? Visit your podiatrist to learn about your treatment options.

*Disclaimer: Consult a doctor before beginning exercises at home. I am not a doctor and am only providing you with personal knowledge of treatment provided to others”

  1. Erin says

    Great tips, I will definitely be trying a few of these.

  2. Erin says

    Great tips, I will definitely be trying a few of these.

  3. Pamela says

    Very good tips, I often find heels too hard to wear!

  4. BusyBee says

    Any excuse to get a pedicure is a good one.

  5. Janelle says

    Heels are horrible for your feet. Since I’m so tall, I prefer flats.

  6. Allie says

    I prefer a nice sandal, and freshly polished toenails.

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