How to Become a Teen Fashion Maven

Virtually every teen out there wants to be considered fashionable among her peers, but what does it really take to be a teen fashion maven? To be the fashion star others emulate, choose your own style, and adapt trendy pieces to make them fit in with your fashion personality. Becoming a fashion maven means becoming comfortable in your own clothes and style. The rest will come naturally. Here are some tips to get you started:

Shoes, boots, and sandals

You may not need to coordinate every outfit with a different pair of shoes but there’s a reason that so many jokes exist about women and shoes. The reality is that the shoes can make the girl and the world of teen fashion is the ultimate training ground for the fashion forward young girl.

For dancing the night away or those days when you want to look as adult as possible, a truly perfect pair of heels is absolutely necessary. When you dress up a lot, several colors of heels can be necessary too. If it’s an occasional thing, find a pair of heels that coordinates well with your best outfits and is in a neutral color. Black or white is often best, though some people still think it’s a fashion faux pas to wear white heels after Labor Day. Choose heels that not only look good, but feel great on your feet. Nobody wants to stop dancing because their feet are aching.

For casual wear, you need a good pair of sneakers. This is also a great place to express your personality. Find Vans for great skater shoes to show off your rebellious side or neon yellow running shoes to show off your inner athlete. These should be your absolutely favorite shoes – comfy and cute.

Every girl needs a pair of boots. This spring and summer, edgy combat boots are back in style. Consider a pair of these as your must-have boots.

With summer coming, it’s also a great time to look at new sandal options. Flip flops may be fine for the beach, but serious fashionistas hunt down strappy sandals for summer fun.

Fashion for the heat!

Floral prints are all the rage this summer. This is true on your ever-present backpack or on a flirty fun skirt. Pair the skirt with your high top sneakers or combat boots to be ready for anything. Bold colors are also part of this season’s fashion must haves, so if those combat boots happen to be red, all the better.

Nautical sundresses look great with red accessories and tie-dyed shorts pair well with your swimsuit or a crocheted tank. The key for summer teen fashion is bright and flirty, with hints of neon. The more you can poke fun at the idea of high fashion the better.

In fact, leave the Coach bag at home with your winter gear. This summer a cheap tote with a handbag print is much more trendy than a big name bag. Nobody wants to stick a wet swimsuit and sandy beach towel into their pricey bag anyway.

For fashion fun, look for accessories that scream personality – from daisies on your pocketbook to big yellow smiley face hemp bracelets, summer is the season for relaxing. Express yourself and don’t be afraid to buck the trends in the name of fashion.

  1. Erin says

    Is it too late to become a teen fashion maven if I am 37? =)

  2. Pamela says

    Great accessories really make a casual outfit and I think it’s a good way for a teen to express themselves.

  3. dd says

    I think I am too old as well. I love accessories though!

  4. dd says

    My daughter is just starting to get into fashion!

  5. BusyBee says

    Also, do not over-do the accessories. Choose them well, more does not always mean better

  6. Allie says

    My teenager loves fashion, but she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this.

  7. Janelle says

    I wish my sister would wear dresses, can’t get her out of her jeans

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