How to Choose a Hair Stylist in a New City

How to Choose a Hair Stylist in a New City

Whether one is traveling and wants to look great for a big night on the town or one has moved to a new city for business or family reasons, how does one go about choosing a hair stylist? After all, every town or city has dozens to choose from. Finding someone to cut and style one’s hair can be a challenge. This is equally important for both men and women.

The first and best method requires a little bit of gumption. Look around for someone who wears his or her hair in a similar way, or someone whose hair looks well-cut. Then simply smile, explain that this is a strange city, and who does his or her hair because it looks great? The response will be favorable, because after all who doesn’t like a compliment?

The suggestion if one is a tourist is to not ask at the hotel’s front desk, especially if the hotel has a salon. It may be good, or it may be not. It almost undoubtedly will be more expensive than other salons in the area due to the ‘convenience factor.’ On the whole, asking a waiter or waitress in the coffee shop or hotel bar will more likely lead to an honest response.

The third way is to plan ahead. Ask someone who has traveled to or lived in that city. Where did they get their hair done? If it has not been too long since they visited/lived there, ask for the name of the stylist. Stylists change shops with regularity and after all, it is a person doing the styling, not the building.

As a last resort, take a walk, and look in the windows of various salons. Does the clientele look well put together and happy? When customers leave the salon, does their hair look great? A little reconnaissance mission works just as well for hair as for the military!

  1. DD says

    It is hard to find a good stylist that you like and will go back to!

  2. Erin says

    Great tips, its so hard to find a stylist you love.

  3. BusyBee says

    It would be weird getting my hair cut while on a business trip!

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