Liam Hemsworth As the Next Indiana Jones in Franchise Reboot?

Liam Hemsworth As the Next Indiana Jones in Franchise Reboot?

Ever since Disney and Paramount reached a deal last year to breathe life back into the Indiana Jones franchise there had  been wide speculation that Robert Pattinson was being courted to play young Indy in the next incarnation. It has been all but confirmed that Pattinson isn’t going anywhere near another franchise and is gunning for more serious roles to help vary his resume. One name in contention for a young Indy is Liam Hemsworth and the more the critics seem to think about it, the better they like the idea.

Liam already has a handle on working within a franchise thanks to the bang up job that he has done in The Hunger Games. He also has broad appeal and knows how to play the Hollywood game. You never hear much negative about him from insiders which matters a lot when you could be looking at a series of films in rapid succession. Liam also seems to have the rugged charm that it’s going to take to pull off the iconic character of Indy!

What are your thoughts on the casting for this reboot? Disney is ready to go full speed ahead so who do you guys think should be swinging off the side of cliffs this time around?  Should it be Liam or someone completely different like Bradley Cooper or Jensen Ackles? Or are you kind of hoping that Rob changes his mind and decides that investing ion another franchise isn’t such a bad idea after all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Allie says

    Oooh!! This would be a good choice, and believable!

  2. Janelle says

    I really like Liam, and his brother Chris. Handsome men.

  3. dd says

    I think this really could be a good choice.

  4. BusyBee says

    Anyone other than Shia, he was just awful in that last movie

  5. Erin says

    I could go for a Hemsworth Indiana Jones.

  6. dana says

    Ian Somerhalder is more suitable. It’s perfect for this role.

  7. Jay says

    Id prefer Chris Hemsworth, but both of them are nice, handsome and rugged men who act well and appear to be easy to work with. They are handsome, talented and classy….

    Great choice.

  8. JB says

    Both Chris & Liam Hemsworth are handsome guys and Chris is particularly macho. It would be great to see either of them in this role. Hope to see them in many movies to come.

  9. Essix says

    Why even do a remake????
    Nothing is wrong with the original ones!

    Why is Hollywood on this crazy cycle or re-imagined franchises, re – boots and more sequels!!!!

    Far too much money is being wasted on this.has Hollywood run out of original ideas???

    I have a ton of original ideas for movies that will make lots of money.

    If I could only get a hold of a studio executive!!!
    I’m not giving my ideas away for free……..but I know, stone cold, that my ideas will make billion dollar blockbusters!!!!!!!!

    1. gegek pamp says

      i agree man…

  10. fatalreview says

    say it’s true-Liam is excellent choice

  11. Rob M says

    You know, it’s about damn time to retire Harrison Ford…I had nothing against Harrison, and believe me, he was the best, but his final movie, THE CRYSTAL SKULL really sucked!! Sorry…..Perhaps Liam will bring the life back it needs to give it some OOMPH!!! Good Luck Liam….Harrison, enjoy retirement! 🙂

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