Teen Fashion: Hot Colors for Summer

Every year there are new “it” colors for teen fashions. The hot colors for summer 2014 are cobalt blue and citron yellow, according to Vogue. These colors are scrumptious on their own but create a whole new dynamic when they are combined. That doesn’t mean you have to rush out and restock your wardrobe. Chances are you already own a few pieces in these colors. You may want to buy a couple of new things but the best way to pull off this dynamic duo is by rethinking what you already have on hand.


One way to pull off this color combo is by pairing two different items, one of each color, together. For example, a pair of solid cobalt blue capris with a citron yellow tank top works fabulously. Another way to pair the 2 colors is by wearing a bold print containing one or the other color and then accessorizing with the other color. A bold yellow print dress with blue shoes and handbag is a perfect combination.


These two colors bring out the best in each other, especially when they are worn in close proximity to one another. A good way to make that work is with layers. A tank top or cami under a light sweater or blouse worn open is a cool, breezy way to layer in the summer. Choose a swimsuit that is predominantly one color and a beach jacket that is the other. Just be sure to alternate colors or to accent a print that relies largely on one color with a solid of the other color.


As mentioned above, accessorizing is a great way to bring these colors together. Accessories don’t have to be limited to shoes and handbags, though. Try adding a scarf or headband. It may seem like such a tiny amount of color if your summer dress is a solid color, but sometimes less is more. Big jewelry can also be a way to draw in either of the colors as an accent.

Shades and Tints

Although we are hot about cobalt blue and citron yellow, the shades and tints don’t have to be exact. Many shades of blue and yellow go well together. Mix and match what you have and augment where necessary.

Make It Affordable

Some items you may have been planning to buy for summer anyway. Many people buy new swimsuits every year, for instance. If you have some shopping to do, then look for tops, shorts and skirts that are cobalt blue and citron yellow. If you are planning to revamp your existing wardrobe, focus on the accessories. Pick up some scarves, some bangles and a couple of pairs of sandals or flip flops that can add the touch of color you need.

If you are looking for the latest color trends for summer 2014, look no farther than mixing yellows and blues together. Take a good, long look at your current wardrobe and then head out to get a few items that will make this color combo rock your closet.

  1. Allie says

    Blue and yellow… my favorites. Looks like I’ll fit right in.

  2. Janelle says

    You are so correct, and both of these colors look awful on me.

  3. Pamela says

    Great tips, it’s all about the right colours to look flattering.

  4. Erin says

    I love cobalt blue, unfortunately I can’t pull off yellow.

  5. BusyBee says

    Do not over do the accessories, other wise you just look a mess. One or two are perfect

  6. dd says

    Bright colors and floral patterns are my favorites!

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