Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Gets Inquisitive With British Airways

Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Gets Inquisitive With British Airways

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is not an adult. Maisie Williams is seventeen years old, and has been traveling on the British Airways, alone, for a while now.

So eventually she wanted to be allowed in the business section of the plane, and was denied. Because she isn’t eighteen yet, and is traveling alone.

And she tweeted her displeasure, basically saying that if she’s old enough to travel thousands of miles alone on a plane, then she should be old enough to be able to sit in a lounge by herself.

British Airways responded by saying that it was their policy not to allow anyone under 18, without an adult, into the lounge. Maisie asked again why they have that policy, and they replied that it was because they had an unsupervised bar in the lounge. Case closed.

My first thoughts were that Maisie was a spoiled brat for complaining about the whole thing. I mean, a ‘business lounge’ sounds like it’s full of a bunch of people in suits who are going to spend the entire flight working on their computers, or having some kind of a networking party for a few hours. Why would a seventeen year old care THAT MUCH about being allowed in? I mean, it’s not like they told her she can’t fly first class by herself. Does the lounge have better TVs or something? What’s so great about it?

But, her being bratty–I think that’s normal. She’s seventeen. And she didn’t pull the ‘Do you know who I am’ card. But I did like her response. No matter how she actually felt about it, she managed to state her points respectfully, and didn’t get snippy or anything.

I do imagine that when British Airways told her that she couldn’t go into the lounge unsupervised, because of the alcohol, she had a ‘God, I’m so dumb’ look on her face when she read their tweet. I know I would’ve. I would’ve been embarrassed beyond belief. But it’s not the worst thing to get into trouble with on Twitter.

  1. Pamela says

    Don’t get why she needed to get in there so badly either, it’s understandable if there is a bar in there.

  2. Lexie Lane says

    She IS a teen and teens love to go where they think they can’t. Totally get it.

  3. Rebel Sweetheart says

    At the very least, she was tactful in her tweet. Gotta give her credit for that.

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    I am sorry but most all young people think they deserve everything thing and should never be told what they can ‘t do.. Thanks for sharing

  5. Kungphoo says

    I am glad they stood by their policy.. What would happen if she drank herself sick or hurt.. she has 1 yr to go.. she can deal with it.

  6. Maria Oller says

    Well teenagers are teenagers and I dont see her acting bratty she was asking tho, if I can’t go somewhere or I’m not admitted at least I would like to know why as well.After all shes does not travel for pleasure but for work

  7. Janelle says

    Lounge = Booze. She doesn’t belong where she’s not old enough to be.

    1. Jen says

      LOL trueness. But there’s booze in the rest of the airport in the bars and restaurants, and on the plane. So can’t ban her from everywhere?? hehe.

  8. Allie says

    Just because you’re a celebrity, doesn’t mean you can break the law.

  9. BusyBee says

    There’s an open bar in these lounges. No unsupervised kids is a great stance to take.

  10. Jen says

    LOVE Maisie! I just adore her character on Game of Thrones and her acting is jaw-droppingly good.

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