Teen Tips – What you Can Do Now to Prepare for College Life

Teen Tips - What you Can Do Now to Prepare for College Life

If you are a graduating senior heading off for college, there is a decent chance that you started thinking about college about four years too late. Most teens never think about college until their junior or senior year in high school. College should be on your minds as early as possible for you to really get the maximum out of it. Here are five things you should be thinking and doing right now to get ready for college as a teenager:

Start Digging for Scholarship Opportunities

With the Internet now, you guys have it made where scholarship searching is concerned. Virtually everything that is being offered is out there online, and just waiting on you to find it and take advantage. If you seek out scholarships in advance, you will get the jump on at least half of the applicants out there. Why not give yourself the best chance at free tuition?

Use Volunteer Work to Figure Out Your True Calling

As a teenager, you can do volunteer work and truly figure out what you want. Why wait until just before you are applying to realize you have no clue what you want to do? By volunteering you can get your feet wet in virtually any field of study. Once you have it figured out, continue to volunteer in those areas so that you gain contacts and respect in the field you are joining.

Develop Effective Study Habits

Now is the time to get your study habits together. Talk to other college students and find out what is expected of them. Learn to study in various ways so that you can be flexible when college comes along. You not only will be learning new things in college, you will be learning new ways to learn them. Practice ahead and you will be ahead when you get there.

Work and Save Your Cash

College life is not cheap and it will most definitely be a challenge for you and your parents. If your parents are unable to help, that is even more reason for you to work and save some cash. Many kids will pay “rent” at home and the parents will save that cash for their college. This allows you to learn about responsibility and save money at the same time. College will be very expensive so every little bit will help.

Visit as Many Campuses as Possible

Now is the time to start looking at what is on the horizon. A college is much more than just a place to learn. You will be spending virtually all of your time there for four years and will need to like the place you are going. Visiting these colleges will give you confidence in your choices and allow you to truly embrace one particular choice. You can’t know for sure unless you have been there. Use the years leading up to college to do just that.

  1. DD says

    It is never too early to start planning for the future!

  2. Pamela says

    Yep, very good tips that keep teens focused for their futures.

  3. Christine says

    Such fabulous tips. I’ll be keeping this in my back pocket (or sharing with friends who have kids who are getting ready for college)! My little one still has “a few” years to go!

  4. Aeryn Lynne says

    Love #2 – I went through four years of university and 2 years of college without much clue of what I wanted to do with my life. If you can figure something out before applying everywhere as an undecided major, you’ll definitely have more focus and a better game plan.

  5. Monica says

    Great tips for preparing for university and life as a grown-up. Saving for an education is so important, otherwise you’ll spend years paying off student debt, trust me, i know!

    1. Jen says

      Yes. My friend wound up with like 60K of debt. not a fun thing to start working life with.

  6. Jennifer (momvstheboys) says

    Great tips! better to start saving early, so many kids these days just think their parents should have to pay for their education. My husband and I both paid our own way and we will expect our kids to get jobs too!

  7. Janelle says

    These are great tips, something I could really use!

  8. Allie says

    You are so right, saving is a must. You need to try and pay as you go, otherwise it’s sticker shock.

  9. BusyBee says

    And remember that this is work! Work hard at studying and networking, not parties

    1. Jen says

      Yes. Not caving under per pressure and getting involved in craziness, drugs etc is the smart student’s choice.

  10. DD says

    It is very important to do some research!

  11. Jen says

    I LOVE all these ideas. Volunteer work is very important, especially for spoilt teens.

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