Uses for Honey in your Beauty Routine

Uses for Honey in your Beauty Routine

Honey has been used in beauty routines for many years and with all its health benefits it’s no wonder why. As a matter of fact it has been said that even Cleopatra used to take baths in honey because it was incredibly good for your skin. Now I’m not too sure about taking a bath in the sticky substance but adding it to your beauty routine is a great idea. Honey is great for all skin types and with its antibacterial qualities has been known to even help acne prone skin. It is chocked full of antioxidants which can help cut down on wrinkles and is great for restoring skin to its natural beauty.

When purchasing honey to use in your beauty routine you want to make sure that you buy pure honey. You don’t want anything else added to it….just honey in the raw form. Whether you decide to use honey in a bottle or the creamy kind in a jar doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a good quality honey.

Uses for Honey in your Beauty Routine

Washing your face with honey may be a little sticky but it will leave you face feeling silky and smooth! Honey has no added chemicals like most face cleansers on the market and is very affordable! Begin by wetting your face with water (this is the only way the honey will glide smoothly on your skin). Scoop out a little of the raw honey and begin spreading it onto your face. Once you have thoroughly covered your face take a wet wash cloth and cold water to rinse. Rinsing with cold water will help your skin retain the moisture. Feels great doesn’t it?!

Honey makes an excellent facial mask when you skin is dry. Wet a wash cloth with very warm water and lay over you face for a few minutes to open up your pores. Spread a little honey on your face and let soak for 15-20 minutes and remove. Splash your face with cold water to close the pores back up.

Using honey as a deep hair conditioner works very well with any type of hair but is especially helpful if you have curly course hair. Take equal parts of olive oil and honey and heat briefly in the microwave. Apply to wet hair and wrap in a dry towel for 20 minutes. Wash well with shampoo and style as usual. I usually do this twice a week and have shown great improvement in the look and feel of my hair.

For soft smooth lips mix equal parts of honey and brown sugar together and add in a few drops of lemon juice. Apply to lips and rub gently. Leave on for around 5 minutes and rinse off. The brown sugar helps to exfoliate the lips while the honey leaves them nice and soft!

Do you have any uses for honey in your beauty routine that you can share with us today?

  1. Allie says

    I love using honey… I don’t mind eating it either!

  2. Janelle says

    I can’t imagine smearing honey all over my face. I just can’t.

  3. BusyBee says

    Honey has antibacterial properties, too, so that helps with the beauty routine.

  4. Pamela says

    Such an interesting idea, wouldn’t have thought of this.

  5. Erin says

    I love honey, haven’t tried it in my beauty routine yet.

  6. Pamela says

    Very good tips, have to try some of these out.

  7. Virgilia Coriolanus says

    I’ve used honey on my face–I usually keep it on for about ten minutes, and afterwards my face always feels very soft and clean.

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